LoopBack 4 November 2020 Milestone Update

by Janny Hou - Dec 8, 2020

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it! In November, LoopBack team focused on improving the context module and documentation, as well as bug fixes. The Toronto squad participated in the CASCONxEVOKE conference. Instead of a physical booth, we held a virtual one online. We welcomed @nflaig as the new maintainer of loopback-next.

Read more to know about the highlighted improvements:


LoopBack 4 October 2020 Milestone Update

by Janny Hou - Nov 5, 2020

In October, we were excited to see an increasing number of community contributions as people joined the Hacktoberfest event. This month we had pretty balanced improvements in each area of the framework, including context, health check, OpenAPI specification and documentations. Keep reading to learn about the recently added features!


Community Q&A Monthly Digest - Oct 2020

by Diana Lau - Oct 28, 2020

It’s been 6 months since we created the Slack channel for LoopBack community. Thanks to your support, over 500 members had joined and new members are joining almost everyday! Let’s take a look at the October edition of the “Community Q&A Monthly Digest”, capturing some of the Q&A in this forum.


LoopBack 4 2020 Q3 Overview

by Diana Lau - Oct 21, 2020

Fall is the season of the harvest. We’re glad to see the good progress that we’ve made in the past 3 months, together with the contributions from the community. In September, there is record high percentage (25.6%) of the merged PRs which are coming from the community. Thank you all!

If you haven’t heard of Hacktoberfest happening this month, check out the details in our previous blog on Hacktoberfest. There’s still time to join. For those who participated, we appreciated your contributions.

Let’s take a look some of the highlights in the last quarter by you and the LoopBack team.


LoopBack 3 End-of-Life

by Raymond Feng , Miroslav Bajtoš , Diana Lau - Oct 14, 2020

LoopBack 3 is approaching its end-of-life at the end of the year for community support. For LoopBack 3 users, we hope the migration guide helps you migrate your applications to version 4.