Want to know about the latest updates to IBM API Connect? We recently implemented the following new features:

more*Analytics component has changed

*API Designer and API Manager have a new look

*Application metrics dashboard is now available for Node.js applications

*Catalog supports multiple DataPower® Gateway services

*Collectives are deprecated in favor of Docker Swarm and Kubernetes containers

*Command-line tools now work with management server running on ports other than default 443

*Developer toolkit supports API testing with the DataPower Docker container

*Developer toolkit supports vendor extensions

*Implement lifecycle workflow for your applications

*LoopBack 3.0 is now supported by API Designer and command-line tools

*SNI in API Connect can be used with the DataPower Gateway As always, you can get the full details about these enhancements (and prior enhancements) at the API Connect “What’s new” page.