ASC, the API Specifications Conference, takes place next week! More specifically, October 15 - 17 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The event promises opportunities for API practitioners to come together and discuss the evolution of API technology.

While this is the inaugural year for ASC, the event and its producers have a history! You may recall APIStrat, which ran for nine years. ASC is a direct evolution of the API Strategy & Practice Conference. Its goal is very much aligned to the one APIStrat pursued. ASC’s site states:

“ASC includes cutting edge technology keynotes and sessions that chart the future of APIs, in-depth specification and standards discussions and an extensive tutorial track. The event is designed to be highly interactive with plenty of discussion time throughout the workshops and sessions. OpenAPI Specification, RAML, API Blueprint, gRPC, OData, JSON Schema, GraphQL, AsyncAPI and other formats will all be topics at the event, enabling attendees to get familiar with these formats and discuss how to use them in practice.”

There will be many sessions to learn from at the event. We’ve listed some highlights below from the IBM team, though there are many great sessions being offered in addition to these.

Chris Phillips, Integration Architect and Master Inventor, IBM

(Update: We have received notice that Chris will be unable to attend the conference. He apologizes for his absence and the short notice.)

Michael Kistler, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM

See what other sessions you can check out, and register for the event here.

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