We have a new webinar coming up on Tuesday, February 21st – how to customize LoopBack by integrating more modules!

LoopBack is a fantastic tool for generating a RESTful web API, and to have it up and running in no time. We’ll spend some time showing you how to take what’s generated, and step through a couple of real-life scenarios that allow you to expand your server with other Node.js modules.


David Okun (Lead Developer Evangelist, IBM Cloud) is the webinar speaker and will demonstrate how to integrate modules with LoopBack to customize it. David explained what else people could expect from the webinar:

“For basic API needs, LoopBack has you 100% sorted. However, you may want to open the box and step outside for additional functionality. I’ll show you how LoopBack is ready to handle anything you throw at it, and how it augments your API needs instead of getting in the way.”

Listen to the webcast recording now!