CASCON 2017, running from November 6-8, has come and gone. Focusing on data, systems, and society, the event also hosted the first LoopBack 4 workshop, called “API Economy Made Easy with LoopBack 4” If you missed it, you can check it out on GitHub. We’re providing some details below.

CASCON 2017 LoopBack 4 Tutorial

With the LoopBack 4 Beta release almost ready, this tutorial demonstrates how to create a LoopBack 4 Application - a Diary application that uses the Watson Tone Analyzer to understand your mood.

The tutorial includes the following steps:

  • Step 1 - Project Setup
  • Step 2 - Hello World
  • Step 3 - Refactoring
  • Step 4 - Basic Diary Application
  • Step 5 - Making it Cognitive

Ready to start? Click here to get the pre-requisites and step-by-step information.

What’s next?

With LoopBack 4 almost here, we’re calling for your contribution to develop extensions with us. Find out more in our recent blog post.