We are excited to announce three new free webcasts for June!

This series will focus on Open Source solutions - in this case OpenWhisk and LoopBack. Check out the topics and dates below, and be sure to register for all three!

June 7, 2017: Go Serverless with OpenWhisk

Go Serverless with OpenWhisk

Serverless is an exciting new way for developers to set up a backend.

Join Developer Advocate Raymond Camden as he explains what exactly Serverless is, and also what it isn’t. Gain insight to its potential uses, deployment and optimization.

In addition Raymond will cover the open source OpenWhisk project and will demo how the IBM Bluemix platform makes Serverless easier than ever to adopt through features like Native API Management support.

To sum up: less management, more code, what can go wrong with that?

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June 13, 2017: Unlock Enterprise Data with APIs Using LoopBack

Unlock Enterprise Data with APIs Using LoopBack with Sai Vennam

Join Developer Evangelist Sai Vennam on June 13 to learn how Acme Freight, a fictional logistics company, uses LoopBack to create and expose APIs for enterprise data and API Connect to secure and manage their APIs.

With LoopBack, Acme Freight was able to create an application that integrates with their existing ERP system and use API Connect to secure their data via a managed API.

The open source API framework LoopBack can be used for many development use cases, from proof of concept to microservices implementations. It can help developers rapidly create REST APIs for any use case, from PoC’s to microservices implementations.

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June 27, 2017: LoopBack Now and Next

LoopBack Now and Next with with Ritchie Martori and ErinMcKean

Learn all about LoopBack now and plans for what’s next in this webinar with Ritchie Martori, a LoopBack core contributor and Architect at IBM, and Erin McKean, Developer Evangelist for LoopBack and IBM. !

You’ll learn:

  • Core use cases for LoopBack
  • New functionality in LB 3.0
  • Details of the Loopback.next roadmap and exciting new capabilities
  • Tips for getting the most out of LoopBack
  • How you can get involved and contribute!

Whether you’re new to LoopBack or a longtime user, you’ll find this webinar helpful in getting the most out of this powerful API framework for Node.

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Attend all three of these webinars and get free StrongLoop swag! Just send an email to marketsl@us.ibm.com with your name and address after the series is complete. Please use the same email address you used to register.

PS - There’s also time to register for our May webcast. Details are below:

May 24, 2017: 101 Tips and Extensions for API Connect

101 Tips and Extensions for API Connect

Charlotte Hutchinson & Chris Phillips help you hit the ground running with API Connect!

A good start is often referred to as “half the work.”

Join us online May 24 as we present a broad range of useful insider information to help you and your team get started with API Connect. The “101 Tips & Extensions for API Connect” webcast will spotlight some of the best developer-focused tips and extensions.

Christopher and Charlotte’s experience is guaranteed to get you the most out of your API Connect deployment in the shortest time possible.

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