Late last year, we asked for assistance from the StrongLoop community to decide upon a new LoopBack logo - one that will represent LoopBack 4. We shared five logo options ands three color palette options, asking for you to rank your favorites. We weren’t disappointed, with over 200 of you taking the time to share your input.

So, how did things go? Since your eyes have probably already spotted the image below, you can see for yourself. It’s a sneak preview of the logo and color sample that got the most votes.

LoopBack 4 Logo Sample

With voters ranking their favorite and ordering the rest according to preference, the results were weighted to show the overall winner. The higher the score, the better, and the above logo concept narrowly beat out the others, scoring a cumulative 3.25 (the nearest scored 3.16). The winning color scheme scored 2.13 while the runner up was 1.98.

I’d like to extend a sincere thank you from the entire team! We are still fine-tuning things, so the final version of this logo might still be tweaked slightly, but we couldn’t have gotten here without your guidance. Expect to see the logo turning up as we share more about LoopBack 4 in the future.

What’s next?

If you haven’t already checked out the Developer Preview release, it is just the first milestone of our LoopBack 4 journey. A tentative plan is outlined at Please note that it is not an official commitment and subject to adjustment as we make progress with the community contributions and feedbacks.

Call for action

LoopBack’s future success counts on you. We appreciate your continuous support and engagement to make LoopBack even better and meaningful for your API creation experience. Please join us and help the project by: