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Announcing Open Source LoopBack JSONSchemas VS Code Extension
May 2, 2017
LoopBack is a powerful framework. As we know, “with great framework power comes great framework documentation.” When you know what you’re looking for in the docs, it’s easy to find. But  discovering what’s available can be a challenge for a tool a... More
Building Better npm Modules with Travis and Coveralls
Feb 11, 2015
Part of what makes Node.js so great is the wide variety of high-quality modules available on npm. But, way too many modules don’t take advantage of testing tools like Travis and Coveralls. Travis is a lightweight continuous integration tool that r... More
Automatic Node.js Clustering with Log Aggregation
Jul 2, 2014
As if slc run --cluster cpu wasn’t awesome enough for automagically scaling your app in a multi-process cluster, it now aggregates your worker logs for you when clustering! In this post I’ll talk about the new logging features in strong-superviso... More
Comparing Winston and Bunyan Node.js Logging
Jun 24, 2014
Lets talk about logging, shall we? Arnold over here carrying a giant log feels like an appropriate intro to this article in which we are going to talk about popular Node.js logging frameworks. If you are writing any kind of long living applicat... More
Easy Switching Between Public and Private npm Registries
Apr 30, 2014
As Node.js is becoming a mainstream technology in the enterprise, more companies are asking for a private npm registry solution for their proprietary closed-source modules. While there are several solutions emerging that offer a private npm regis... More