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How We Built a Self-hosted REST API Explorer in LoopBack 4
Nov 28, 2018
The LoopBack team has always believed it’s important to provide great user experience not only to REST API creators, but also to developers consuming those APIs. API Explorer is one of tools making a big difference, as it can render a live documen... More
Happy Third Birthday to the OpenAPI Initiative
Nov 6, 2018
This is an important week for the OpenAPI Initiative! We want to congratulate the Initiative for their third birthday and that of OpenAPI Spec, its open source and vendor neutral REST API description format! Officially the birthday was Monday, Nov... More
The OASGraph Journey - "How Can We Make GraphQL More Accessible?"
Oct 30, 2018
OASGraph (git, npm library, npm CLI) began with a simple idea. In response to the quickly growing popularity of GraphQL, we wondered: “How can we make GraphQL more accessible?” Now, that dream is a reality with the release of OASGraph, a tool that... More
Announcing OASGraph - a GraphQL Wrapper for REST APIs
Sep 24, 2018
IBM Research and the LoopBack team are happy to announce the release of OASGraph (git,npm library, npm CLI) to the Open Source community. OASGraph is a software package that is written in TypeScript. It creates a fully functional GraphQL wrapper f... More
Fundamental Validations for HTTP Requests with LoopBack 4 and OpenAPI Spec
Sep 19, 2018
A Controller usually expects to get valid data from the HTTP request so it can focus on executing the business logic. However, there is never a guarantee that the client side sends valid data. For example, endpoint GET Users/find expects to get a ... More
Turning OpenAPI Specifications into Action with LoopBack 4
Sep 12, 2018
LoopBack - both the team and the framework - has been a longtime advocate and adopter of open API standards. For 3.x versions of the OpenAPI Specification, the framework uses Swagger 2.0 to power the API explorer since its first release. The CLI a... More
Learn How to Convince Your Team to Adopt the OpenAPI Spec at the OpenAPI Initiative (OAI) Meetup
Sep 7, 2017
Have you heard about the OpenAPI Initiative and its OpenAPI Specification? If so, you probably know how cool OpenAPI Spec is and that v3.0 is on its way. But maybe you want to know more about Open API Spec, getting others to try it out, and how to... More
The OpenAPI Spec and You (and IBM)
Aug 8, 2017
If you work with APIs at all, either creating or consuming them, you’ve probably heard of something called the OpenAPI Specification (or its former name, Swagger). However, you may be fuzzy on the details. Don’t worry! By the end of this post you ... More