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LoopBack 4 November 2020 Milestone Update
Dec 8, 2020
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it! In November, LoopBack team focused on improving the context module and documentation, as well as bug fixes. The Toronto squad participated in the CASCONxEVOKE conference. Instead of... More
LoopBack 4 October 2020 Milestone Update
Nov 5, 2020
In October, we were excited to see an increasing number of community contributions as people joined the Hacktoberfest event. This month we had pretty balanced improvements in each area of the framework, including context, health check, OpenAPI spe... More
Community Q&A Monthly Digest - Oct 2020
Oct 28, 2020
It’s been 6 months since we created the Slack channel for LoopBack community. Thanks to your support, over 500 members had joined and new members are joining almost everyday! Let’s take a look at the October edition of the “Community Q&A Month... More
LoopBack 4 2020 Q3 Overview
Oct 21, 2020
Fall is the season of the harvest. We’re glad to see the good progress that we’ve made in the past 3 months, together with the contributions from the community. In September, there is record high percentage (25.6%) of the merged PRs which are comi... More
LoopBack 3 End-of-Life
Oct 14, 2020
LoopBack 3 is approaching its end-of-life at the end of the year for community support. For LoopBack 3 users, we hope the migration guide helps you migrate your applications to version 4. More
LoopBack 4 September 2020 Milestone Update
Oct 7, 2020
We bring another month of new features, fixes, and improvements in documentation and developer experience in LoopBack. Make sure to update your compatible projects with lb4 update if you want to update the underlying libraries to their latest vers... More
LoopBack is participating in Hacktoberfest 2020
Sep 29, 2020
As part of our long-term effort to encourange more community contributions, LoopBack is going to participate in this year’s Hacktoberfest. More
Community Q&A Monthly Digest - Sept 2020
Sep 16, 2020
Welcome back to the September edition of the “Community Q&A Monthly Digest”, in which we are curating some of the Q&A that we think it might be helpful to you. Thank you for posting your questions and helping your fellow LoopBack users. T... More
LoopBack 4 August 2020 Milestone Update
Sep 2, 2020
Our focus in August is the documentation restructure. The layout of several main sections are reorganized for easier navigation. Another significant improvement is about the request handling. More flexible approaches of adding LoopBack style middl... More
Enriching LoopBack and its Community - You are Invited!
Aug 27, 2020
Almost two years ago, LoopBack 4 was released and announced at Node+JS Interactive event. Thanks to your support, we now have over 110k downloads per month on and over 3000 GitHub stars on the loopback-next repo. Recently, we created the... More
Community Q&A Monthly Digest - July 2020
Aug 19, 2020
Welcome to the July edition of the “Community Q&A Monthly Digest”, curating some of the Q&A that we think it might be helpful to you. Let’s take a look. More
LoopBack 4 July 2020 Milestone Update
Aug 5, 2020
We can’t believe that it is already August! Let’s check out the work we did in July: HasManyThrough Relation Documentation Enhancements Reorganize Code and Docs Along Abstraction Levels Bug Fixes Community Contribution More
Making Your Contribution Process Simpler - Switching from CLA to DCO
Jul 29, 2020
Since the beginning of the LoopBack project, we have been using the Contributor License Agreement (CLA) as the contribution method. Contributors need to sign each CLA for each LoopBack repository they’re contributing. To simplify the contribution ... More
Community Q&A Monthly Digest - Jun 2020
Jul 16, 2020
Welcome back to the “Community Q&A Monthly Digest”, in which we highlight some of the questions and answers in our LoopBack Slack community here. More
LoopBack 4 2020 Q2 Overview
Jul 14, 2020
Over the recent months, this global pandemic has affected our lives in different ways; we hope you all stay safe during these difficult times. The LoopBack team has adapted to new ways of working, including virtually and in new settings. Even thou... More
LoopBack 4 June 2020 Milestone Update
Jul 8, 2020
Documentation restructuring, TypeORM support, and HasManyThrough were the three main accomplishments in the month of June. Based on the community feedback, documentation improvement remains our number one priority in the coming month. Besides, whi... More
Community Q&A Monthly Digest - May 2020
Jun 11, 2020
Since we made the LoopBack Slack community available, we are happy to see more and more users are joining. Let’s see some of the questions and answers that we’ve highlighted below. More
How We Improved LoopBack REST Performance by 45%
Jun 9, 2020
Recently, I measured the performance of LoopBack 4 and found an opportunity for an easy but significant improvement in the way how we are building per-request context instances. More
LoopBack 4 May 2020 Milestone Update
Jun 4, 2020
The completion of the migration epic would be the biggest news in May. Now LoopBack 3 users can find the migration guide here. Meanwhile, we have feature contributions and bug fixes happened across all the functional areas. There are more than 20... More
How to reuse custom LoopBack Repository code
Jun 2, 2020
When building a LoopBack 4 application, we often need to tweak or improve the default data access behavior provided by the framework. It’s usually desirable to apply the same set of customizations for multiple models, possibly across several micro... More
LoopBack - Taking Express to the Next Level
May 27, 2020
Express is the most popular Node.js package for web server development. Its lightweight, extensible, and flexible nature makes it a perfect fit for projects, small and large, from simple websites to complex web frameworks. LoopBack is a framework... More
LoopBack 4 April 2020 Milestone Update
May 6, 2020
In April, we focused mostly on completing migration activities, like the migration guide and other related tasks like running existing tests in a LoopBack 3 application after composing it within a LoopBack 4 application. But, that didn’t stop us f... More
Community Q&A Monthly Digest - April 2020
Apr 29, 2020
In the past, we’ve explored a few options on providing a forum for our users to help each other: Google group, Gitter and GitHub. We are pleased to announce that the LoopBack Slack workspace,, is available for our use... More
Build REST APIs for CRUD operations from a model without coding
Apr 22, 2020
As LoopBack 3 is expected to reach its EOL by the end of this year, we have been working hard to achieve feature parity between LoopBack 3 and LoopBack 4. One feature of LoopBack 3 that we did not have in LoopBack 4 yet was the ability to go direc... More
LoopBack 4 2020 Q1 Overview
Apr 15, 2020
The past few weeks have been challenging for many of us. While this pandemic situation affected our lives in different ways, we hope you all stay safe. In Q1, we continued to make good progress in the following areas: Migration guide Migrat... More
LoopBack 4 March 2020 Milestone Update
Apr 8, 2020
The whole world has been through a lot in the past month. The LoopBack team hopes that everyone stays safe and gets through this together. Let’s check out the work we did in March: Migration Guide From Model to REST API More Usage Scenario... More
LoopBack 4 February 2020 Milestone Update
Mar 5, 2020
The February in a leap year is quite special and we hope everyone has some memorable stories from that extra day! In the past month, LoopBack team continued to focus on the migration guide epic. In the meantime, we were able to contribute signific... More
LoopBack - 2020 Goals and Focus
Feb 26, 2020
2019 was surely an exciting and rewarding year for LoopBack. We received the “Best in API Middleware” award from API World, our LB4 downloads on increased more than double compared to the year before. Moreover, we are thrilled to learn t... More
LoopBack 3 has entered Maintenance LTS
Feb 19, 2020
Almost a year ago, we announced Extended Long Term Support for LoopBack 3, extending Active LTS to the end of November 2019. As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and so LoopBack version 3 has entered Maintenance LTS in December... More
LoopBack 4 January 2020 Milestone Update
Feb 5, 2020
It’s a Leap Year this year, and we continue to make leaps in LoopBack 4. With New Year’s resolutions in mind, we quickly got started on several items. Check out the sections below for the progress we made in each area: LoopBack 4 Shopping Ex... More
LoopBack 4 2019 Q4 Overview
Jan 22, 2020
Happy New Year! The number of LoopBack 4 downloads in 2019 increased more than double than that in 2018. Thank you for your continuous support in using and contributing to LoopBack. We cannot do this alone and we really appreciate all the contribu... More
LoopBack 4 December 2019 Milestone Update
Jan 8, 2020
It’s 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣! Happy New Year! Is the snow dancing outside of your window or is the sunshine bringing warmth and glow to the grass around you? No matter where you are, the LoopBack team is thankful for you being with us through 2019! It means... More
LoopBack 2019 Year in Review
Dec 18, 2019
As 2019 draws to a close, we’re continuing our annual tradition of celebrating the hard work that the LoopBack team achieved in the past year. As you might expect, developing LoopBack 4 was the main focus, with events, updates and “how to” conten... More
LoopBack 4 November 2019 Milestone Update
Dec 5, 2019
The LoopBack team greeted November with the CASCONxEVOKE conference in Toronto. CASCONxEVOKE is one of Canada’s largest combined academic, research and developer conferences. As its speakers and attendees, we had a booth with posters to advocate L... More
Going Cloud Native with LoopBack 4
Dec 3, 2019
When we build APIs and microservices nowadays, we choose a cloud as the target for deployment. Cloud has long gone beyond being just hosting providers. Infrastructures such as Docker and Kubernetes have completely changed the paradigm of how appli... More
Building an Online Game With LoopBack 4 - Wrap-Up (Part 7)
Nov 20, 2019
Part 7: Wrap-Up In This Episode This is the final episode of this series. We’ve used LoopBack 4 to build an online web text-based adventure game. We’ve built the foundation with LoopBack, and I am going to summarize what we have achieved so far,... More
CASCONxEVOKE Conference Recap for LoopBack
Nov 13, 2019
CASCONxEVOKE is one of Canada’s largest combined academic, research and developer conferences, welcoming 1,500+ attendees and 150+ speakers. This year, the LoopBack team attended and kept busy collaborating with other attendees at the LoopBack boo... More
LoopBack 4 October 2019 Milestone Update
Nov 6, 2019
As the cold autumn winds and frost nipped at our heels, the LoopBack team kept warm with generous portions of hot tea and coffee and accomplished their planned October milestone goals. We focused on the following areas: Inclusion of related m... More
LoopBack 4 Offers Inclusion of Related Models
Oct 23, 2019
LoopBack 4 now offers a new feature: inclusion of related models! This addition not only simplifies querying data in LoopBack 4, but since we have similar features in LoopBack 3 it also closes one feature gap between LoopBack 3 as well. The idea i... More
LoopBack 4 2019 Q3 Overview
Oct 16, 2019
For the past few months, the LoopBack team has been busy improving the framework. Aside from implementation, we also did some investigation to plan out road map for the incoming new features. Here are our main focuses in last quarter: Authenti... More
Import LoopBack 3 Models into a LoopBack 4 Project
Oct 8, 2019
It has been almost a year since LoopBack 4.0 GA was announced. Since then, we have been working hard on closing the feature gap between the new and the old versions and looking for ways to simplify migration of projects built on LoopBack 3. In Ju... More
LoopBack 4 September 2019 Milestone Update
Oct 2, 2019
All the leaves are red and the flowers are fading away. In this season of fruitfulness, the LoopBack team accomplished their planned September milestone goals. Besides delivering code-related contributions, we also addressed the growing number of ... More
LoopBack 4 August 2019 Milestone Update
Sep 5, 2019
The last month of summer started with exiting news that LoopBack won the “Best in API Middleware award”🎉, which is a great recognition of our team’s achievement and effort. With those efforts in mind, here’s the highlights of what we worked on in ... More
Building an Online Game With LoopBack 4 - Front-end with React (Part 6)
Aug 28, 2019
Part 6: Front-end with React In This Episode Now our project is on IBM Cloud. But you may notice there is not anything that we can actually play with. It’s just some APIs. How can we call it a game without front-end UI? In this episode, I will ... More
Learning LoopBack 4 Interceptors (Part 2) - Method Level and Class Level Interceptors
Aug 14, 2019
Previously, we looked at how to add a global interceptor. In this article, we are going to build an application that validates the incoming request using class level and method level interceptors  For the complete application, you can go to this ... More
Congratulations to LoopBack, Winner of 2019 API Award for API Middleware
Aug 8, 2019
We’re excited to congratulate the LoopBack team for earning the 2019 API Award for the “Best in API Middleware” category. LoopBack is a highly extensible, open source Node.js framework based on Express that enables you to quickly create dynamic en... More
LoopBack 4 July 2019 Milestone Update
Aug 7, 2019
This July 20th was the 50th anniversary of The Moon Landing and the famous quote, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” This great, memorable event reminds me that every task the LoopBack team finishes will end up enhancing ... More
Learning LoopBack 4 Interceptors (Part 1) - Global Interceptors
Jul 31, 2019
Wondering what an interceptor is in LoopBack 4?  Interceptors are reusable functions to provide aspect-oriented logic around method invocations.  Seems pretty useful, right? There are 3 levels of interceptors: global, class level and method ... More
Building an Online Game With LoopBack 4 - Deploying our Application to Kubernetes on IBM Cloud (Part 5)
Jul 24, 2019
Part 5: Deploying our Application to Kubernetes on IBM Cloud In This Episode Now that our project has basic features that allow us to create our own characters and log in, it’s time to deploy it to cloud! So, we will first run our project in Doc... More
LoopBack 4 2019 Q2 Overview
Jul 17, 2019
For the past few months, we have been focusing on the following stories: Authentication: released a new @loopback/authentication 2.0 version. Authorization: ability to add authorization through interceptors. Inclusion of related models: se... More
LoopBack 4 June 2019 Milestone Update
Jul 9, 2019
As the temperature gets warmer the LoopBack team is spending this summer releasing hot deliverables. In June we focused on various enhancements such as releasing version 2.0.0 of @loopback/build, replacing strong-docs, and improving @loopback/test... More
What's New in LoopBack 4 Authentication 2.0
Jul 3, 2019
We’ve refactored the authentication component to be more extensible and easier to use. Now you can secure your endpoints with both passport-based and LoopBack native authentication strategies that implement the interface AuthenticationStrategy. ... More
Building an Online Game With LoopBack 4 - User Authentication and Role-Based Access Control (Part 4)
Jun 26, 2019
Part 4: User Authentication and Role-Based Access Control In This Episode We already have some APIs that allow users to customize their characters. However, a user should not get access to characters that belong to other users. With that in mind... More
Migrating from LoopBack 3 to LoopBack 4
Jun 12, 2019
Following the announcement of LoopBack 4 GA in October, LoopBack 3 entered Active Long Term Support (LTS). In March, we announced that LoopBack 3 will receive extended LTS until December 2019. We made this choice to provide LoopBack 3 users more ... More
LoopBack 4 May 2019 Milestone Update
Jun 5, 2019
As the weather starts to warm up for summer, the LoopBack team has turned up the heat on the milestone tasks we planned for the month of May and beyond. We worked on areas such as: Improving our documentation pages and API documentation. Giv... More
Building an Online Game With LoopBack 4 - Customizing APIs in Controller (Part 3)
May 28, 2019
Part 3: Customizing APIs in Controller Introduction In this series, I’m going to help you learn LoopBack 4 and how to use it to easily build your own API and web project. We’ll create a new project I’ve been working on: an online web text-based ... More
Learn About Mashr and Puppeteer at the Next HackerJS Meetup (June 12 at the Hacker Dojo)
May 23, 2019
As promised, we’re announcing the next HackerJS Meetup for June 12, 2019 at Santa Clara’s Hacker Dojo. If you are near Santa Clara, California and want to brush up on your Node and JS skills then this ia a great event for you! Don’t worry, if you... More
Building an Online Game With LoopBack 4, Part 2 - Generating Universally Unique ID and Managing Models Relationships
May 15, 2019
Part 2: Generating Universally Unique ID and Managing Models Relationships Introduction In this series, I’m going to help you learn LoopBack 4 and how to use it to easily build your own API and web project. We’ll create a new project I’ve been w... More
LoopBack 4 April 2019 Milestone Update
May 3, 2019
April was a very productive month for the LoopBack team! We focused on the following areas: Strong referential integrity for relations Model discovery Basic Life Cycle Support Adding more architectural patterns to support extensions Au... More
Building an Online Game With LoopBack 4 (Part 1)
Apr 30, 2019
Part 1: Building a Simple LoopBack Project With MongoDB Introduction “Ready to build amazing things?” asks the LoopBack 4 homepage before encouraging you to try the open source framework. “Try LoopBack 4 now.” In this series, I’m going to do e... More
Join Us at the Hacker Dojo for the HackerJS Meetup!
Apr 25, 2019
Come join us and other developers to discuss NodeJS & JavaScript! Near Santa Clara, California? Want to brush up on your Node and JS skills? Free on the evening of Wednesday, May 8? Then we have an event we’d like to tell you about! The Hack... More
LoopBack 4 2019 Q1 Overview
Apr 11, 2019
When the LoopBack team released LoopBack 4 GA version last October, they didn’t stop to rest on their laurels. The team has been busy enhancing the framework, closing feature parity gaps, and helping community onboard with LoopBack 4. Since GA, w... More
LoopBack 4 March 2019 Milestone Update
Apr 9, 2019
We landed an outstanding number of code contributions in March, making for a very productive month! We merged 63 PRs in total, and 10 out of them are from the community. Cheers! The team was able to make good progress of the epics we are focusing... More
Experimenting with Plain JavaScript Programming in LoopBack 4
Mar 28, 2019
LoopBack is a popular open source Node.js framework. Its latest version (4) is written in TypeScript, while the older version were written in JavaScript. We chose to write LoopBack 4 to make it more extensible, scalable, and sustainable. TypeScrip... More
LoopBack 3 Receives Extended Long Term Support
Mar 12, 2019
This past October, we announced LoopBack 4 GA is ready for production use and updated the Long Term Support (LTS) schedule in our LTS page. Due to popular requests, LoopBack 3 now receives an extended long term support with updated timeline as sho... More
LoopBack 4 February 2019 Milestone Update
Mar 6, 2019
It feels like 2019 just started, but we are somehow already in March. February flew by, but while the month was short, the list of things the LoopBack team accomplished in the month was the opposite. In February, we tackled authentication and auth... More
Watch Video from our Meetup - Quickly Build APIs with Existing Services and Data Using LoopBack!
Feb 27, 2019
The Toronto Cloud Integration Meetup hosted an event on Tuesday, February 5, 2019: “Quickly Build APIs with Existing Services and Data Using LoopBack!” Since not everyone is local, we filmed the meetup so we could share it with our community. More
LoopBack 4 January 2019 Milestone Update
Feb 6, 2019
We’re one month into the new year! While the team had some time off extending into January, we still managed to work and spike on authentication, migration from LB3, user adoption, extensibility, and documentation. Read more to find out how it all... More
Meetup - Quickly Build APIs with Existing Services and Data Using LoopBack!
Jan 16, 2019
The Toronto Cloud Integration Meetup is hosting an event on Tuesday, February 5, 2019. The subject is near and dear to our hearts: “Quickly Build APIs with Existing Services and Data Using LoopBack!” If you are in town, we’d love to meet you as we... More
LoopBack 4 December 2018 Milestone Update
Jan 9, 2019
Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and warmly welcomed 2019. This past December was a short month due to the vacation days, but we were still able to complete several fixes and take off in our next focused epics like authenti... More
LoopBack 2018 Year in Review
Dec 19, 2018
For the past twelve months the LoopBack team has been working hard on the future of LoopBack and LoopBack 4. As we wrap up 2018 with this last post of the year, we invite you to join us as we take a look back at the many developments throughout th... More
Simplify Your Database Migrations Using LoopBack 4
Dec 12, 2018
As applications evolve and developers add new features, the structure of the backing database evolves as well. In LoopBack 3, we provided JavaScript API for automatic migration of database schemas. Recently, we improved LoopBack 4 to leverage thes... More
LoopBack 4 November 2018 Milestone Update
Dec 5, 2018
With winter approaching, daylight hours have been decreasing, but the LoopBack team’s productivity has not. After we published the General Availability (GA) release, the team started to focus on user adoption and fixing up documentation to accomod... More
The Journey to Extensible Request Body Parsing for LoopBack 4
Dec 4, 2018
LoopBack 4 makes it easy for developers to implement business logic behind REST APIs as controller classes in TypeScript and expose them as HTTP endpoints by decorating such classes and their members including methods and parameters. The framework... More
How We Built a Self-hosted REST API Explorer in LoopBack 4
Nov 28, 2018
The LoopBack team has always believed it’s important to provide great user experience not only to REST API creators, but also to developers consuming those APIs. API Explorer is one of tools making a big difference, as it can render a live documen... More
Best Practices for LoopBack 4
Nov 21, 2018
The LoopBack framework is a powerful and flexible tool that can be used in many different ways. Some of these ways lead to better results while others can create headaches later in the project lifecycle. To make it easy for LoopBack users to do th... More
Deploying LoopBack 4 applications to IBM Cloud
Nov 14, 2018
LoopBack 4 applications can now run on IBM Cloud with some minimal code changes and configurations. We have created a tutorial to help you get started. Go through it if you want to get experience deploying your application on IBM Cloud’s Cloud Fou... More
LoopBack 4 October 2018 Milestone Update
Nov 8, 2018
As the fall season kicked into full gear, the LoopBack team was busy! We wrapped up items planned for our General Availability (GA) release and published the release on Wednesday, October 10th. On top of that, the team completed a number of stretc... More
Frequently Asked Questions About LoopBack at Node+JS Interactive
Oct 25, 2018
The LoopBack team was delighted to be part of the Node+JS Interactive conference, which happened from October 10-12 in Vancouver. We were busy at the conference, during which we: Announced the release of LoopBack 4 GA during the keynote f... More
Achieving Productivity with lb4 Repository Command
Oct 17, 2018
One of the framework features that attracts application developers is productivity. In Loopback 4 the command line interface plays an important role to achieve it. If you are building a Loopback 4 application that interacts with a database and exp... More
Announcing LoopBack 4 GA is Now Ready for Production Use!
Oct 10, 2018
We are excited to announce that LoopBack 4 is GA (general availability) and ready for production use. Some of our users have already built applications with LoopBack 4 and now you can do the same too. We’ve come a long way since LoopBack 4 was an... More
LoopBack 4 September 2018 Milestone Update
Oct 2, 2018
General Availability (GA) is approaching! During the last full month before LoopBack 4 GA release, the team focused on finishing the remaining GA stories and fixing known issues discovered internally and from the community to improve the framework... More
Fundamental Validations for HTTP Requests with LoopBack 4 and OpenAPI Spec
Sep 19, 2018
A Controller usually expects to get valid data from the HTTP request so it can focus on executing the business logic. However, there is never a guarantee that the client side sends valid data. For example, endpoint GET Users/find expects to get a ... More
Turning OpenAPI Specifications into Action with LoopBack 4
Sep 12, 2018
LoopBack - both the team and the framework - has been a longtime advocate and adopter of open API standards. For 3.x versions of the OpenAPI Specification, the framework uses Swagger 2.0 to power the API explorer since its first release. The CLI a... More
LoopBack 4 August 2018 Milestone Update
Aug 29, 2018
As August, the last full month of summer, comes to an end so does our August milestone. This was a busy month in which the general focus was on addressing feedback from early adopters of LoopBack 4 and features considered essential for General Ava... More
Welcoming Model and Datasource Commands to LB4 CLI
Aug 22, 2018
LoopBack 4 is the biggest change to the framework since it was first created. Along with it comes a brand new CLI tool @loopback/cli, which makes it easy for developers to scaffold applications and create artifacts such as controllers for LoopBack... More
My Firsts at NodeSummit 2018
Aug 16, 2018
During the week of July 23-27, I experienced several firsts at NodeSummit. It was my first ever NodeSummit as both an attendee and a speaker (I delivered a talk on The Art of Composability and Extensibility: Crafting a Foundation for Node.js Fram... More
LoopBack 4 July 2018 Milestone Update
Aug 7, 2018
As the temperature hits an all-time high across the world, our team at LoopBack is also hitting some high numbers with our progress on LoopBack 4! In the month of July, we were able to finish and release Developer Preview #3 for LoopBack 4 as well... More
LoopBack Adopts Module LTS Policy
Aug 2, 2018
TL:DR; LoopBack is joining the recently announced Module LTS initiative and aligns the long-term support terms with Node.js LTS versions. More
LoopBack 4 Model Relations Preview
Jul 25, 2018
Often times, LoopBack models are used to represent real life entities. As such, LoopBack is able to understand how those entities interact with each other with its concepts of relations. While this feature is alive and well in LoopBack 3, LoopBack... More
Announcing LoopBack 4 Developer Preview 3
Jul 20, 2018
Whether you have been creating Node.js application using LoopBack 4 or wondering when it’s a good time to start building something serious, LoopBack 4 Developer Preview 3 is the release that you don’t want to miss! With Developer Preview 3, you c... More
LoopBack 4 Introduces Express Mode for CLI
Jul 18, 2018
As we continue to work on LoopBack 4, we’re excited to tell you about new ways for developers to build with it via the LoopBack 4 CLI. LoopBack 4 CLI is a powerful tool for developers to scaffold projects and provision artifacts. There are a few ... More
Introducing LoopBack 4 Website
Jul 11, 2018
In our May milestone update, we introduced a new and shiny website dedicated to LoopBack 4. You can check it out here, but you may want to read on to learn about the site’s genesis. More
LoopBack 4 June 2018 Milestone Update
Jul 3, 2018
Based on the roadmap created from the spike stories, we have been able to make significant progresses for our 5 epics. Here are the highlights of the accomplishments in each area: We implemented the fundamental relation traversing by supporting re... More
Embedding Frontend Frameworks into LoopBack
Jun 26, 2018
When working with LoopBack, there are many choices for frontend frameworks, however only some of the popular frontend frameworks have associated LoopBack client SDKs. In many cases, it may make sense to de-couple the frontend application from Loop... More
LoopBack 4 Improves Inbound HTTP Processing
Jun 20, 2018
We started LoopBack 4 with the desire to improve all aspects of application development. One of the pain points in LoopBack 3.x was composition of Express middleware handlers, which we decided to address by rolling out a different design based on ... More
LoopBack Offers Index Support for Cloudant Model
Jun 13, 2018
Cloudant connector hit its 2.x major release with several improvements. The most significant change is the support of LoopBack model indexes to optimize query performance. In [email protected], all properties are treated indexable. ... More
LoopBack 4 May 2018 Milestone Update
Jun 5, 2018
The sun’s out and we’re breaking all the guns out for “Developer Preview 3” (DP3)! In May various spikes that started as stretch goals from our previous milestone continued and were put into effect. You can check out the follow up issues from thes... More
LoopBack Doc Search Powered by Watson
May 30, 2018
When you have over a 1000 pages of documentation, it becomes a necessity to be able to search the documentation effectively to find relevant content. With this in mind, we’ve recently changed to powering LoopBack documentation search with IBM Wats... More
LoopBack 4 April 2018 Milestone Update
May 8, 2018
In April, our team was focused on delivering “Developer Preview 2” and conducting spikes which help us shape features in LoopBack 4 and create backlog tasks for our next release. Getting Developer Preview 2 successfully out the door took up our fi... More
LoopBack 4 GitHub Example Application : Persist Data to Cloudant (Part 3 of 3)
Apr 25, 2018
In this series, we will work through creating a basic LoopBack 4 application that exposes REST APIs, calls out to GitHub APIs through octokat.js (a GitHub API client) to get the number of stargazers on a user-specified GitHub organization and repo... More
LoopBack 4 Upgrades from Swagger to OpenAPI 3.0.0
Apr 16, 2018
The Swagger/OpenAPI specification has become the de facto standard of defining and describing machine-readable RESTful APIs over the past few years and announced its major release of version 3.0.0 in 2017. The new version also changes the official... More
Announcing LoopBack 4 Developer Preview 2
Apr 16, 2018
Since the release of Developer Preview #1 in November 2017, the LoopBack team have been focusing on adding features for application developers to define and implement REST APIs with Controllers and Repositories. We also continue to improve the cor... More
LoopBack 4 GitHub Example Application: Call Out to GitHub (Part 2 of 3)
Apr 11, 2018
In this series, we will work through creating a basic LoopBack 4 application that exposes REST APIs, calls out to GitHub APIs through octokat.js (a GitHub API client) to get the number of stargazers on a user-specified GitHub organization and repo... More
Serving a Progressive Web App from LoopBack
Apr 5, 2018
With the emergence of Progressive Web Apps and browser APIs such as persistent storage, payments, geolocation, and push notifications, it is now possible to build mobile apps on the web platform that have many of the same features as native apps. ... More
LoopBack 4 March 2018 Milestone Update
Apr 1, 2018
With spring in the air, we’ve been hard at work gearing up for a new major release of LoopBack 4, which we’ve dubbed the “Developer Preview 2”. The team has been focusing on the items needed for this release in the March Milestone. You can also se... More
LoopBack 4 GitHub Example Application: Create REST APIs (Part 1 of 3)
Mar 28, 2018
In this series, we will work through creating a basic LoopBack 4 application that exposes REST APIs; calls out to GitHub APIs through octokat.js (a GitHub API client) to get the number of stargazers on a user-specified GitHub organization and repo... More
Introducing @loopback/boot for LoopBack 4
Mar 14, 2018
A LoopBack 4 Application is made up of many different artifacts such as controllers, repositories, models, datasources, and so on. LoopBack 4 uses Dependency Injection to resolve dependencies on related models so your application can work as expec... More
LoopBack 4 Dropping Support for Node.js 6
Feb 28, 2018
Our goal with the next version of LoopBack is to use cutting-edge features and tooling from the Node.js ecosystem. Node.js 6.x will be entering maintenance mode this April, and requires us to provide hacks and polyfills to maintain compatibility, ... More
Moving LoopBack 4 Example Project to the Monorepo
Feb 21, 2018
We often face a dilemma around example projects. They are useful learning resources that demonstrate individual features in a runnable application while making it easy to tweak and play with the code. But on the other hand, they can quickly become... More
Track Down Dependency Injections with LoopBack 4
Feb 14, 2018
LoopBack 4 implements an IoC container to support dependency injection with decorators. You can find more information at Dependency injection is very powerful, but when something goes wrong... More
Automatically Generate JSON Schema for your LoopBack 4 Models
Feb 7, 2018
I’ve recently been working on an exciting new feature for LoopBack4 which would allow for the readily available generation of JSON Schema for your LoopBack4 models. I’ll dive right into it. Models and metadata in LoopBack 4 Currently with LoopBa... More
Security Advisory for LoopBack 2.x & 3.x
Jan 31, 2018
A security advisory was issued today for users of LoopBack 2.x and 3.x. Security risk: Medium (CVSS: 4.3) Vulnerability: Prevent unauthorized alteration of records on same table. You can find the full details in the corresponding links below. L... More
Generate Controllers With LoopBack 4
Jan 31, 2018
Work has been going non-stop on the upcoming LoopBack 4.0, and we’d like to share some of what we’ve just added in the current release! We’ve added the new controller generation command to the lb4 CLI toolkit, which you can install with npm i -g ... More
Answered in Open: Advice for Maintenance and Updating a Loopback Back-end
Jan 23, 2018
Recently, I was approached by a LoopBack user running a single-person project powered by LoopBack 2.x, asking for an advice on how to maintain and upgrade his backend. While I could respond directly in an email, I strongly believe in maximizing th... More
Thanks for Helping Us Decide on the LoopBack 4 Logo
Jan 16, 2018
Late last year, we asked for assistance from the StrongLoop community to decide upon a new LoopBack logo - one that will represent LoopBack 4. We shared five logo options ands three color palette options, asking for you to rank your favorites. We ... More
IBM Provides Support for Node.js, LoopBack and Express
Dec 21, 2017
StrongLoop’s history is tied to Node.js, as is LoopBack, the highly-extensible, open-source Node.js framework that’s ideal for APIs. With a 2x growth rate, Node.js has skyrocketed in popularity as more and more enterprises rely on its fast start u... More
LoopBack 2017 Year in Review
Dec 19, 2017
As 2017 draws to a close, we’re reflecting on the evolution of StrongLoop and LoopBack in the past twelve months. It’s been a big year for our open-source Node.js framework. It started with the introduction of the LoopBack CLI and ended with the L... More
Help Us Decide on a New LoopBack Logo
Dec 5, 2017
Note: Survey has closed as of end of day, Monday, December 18th. Last week we excitedly announced the LoopBack 4 developer preview release. Your feedback helped fuel this transformation and how we built our open source framework. Now, as we are r... More
Writing LoopBack 4 Extensions
Nov 30, 2017
The LoopBack 4 Developer Preview #1 release is primarily targeted at extension developers. With this preview release, extension developers can start writing extensions for LoopBack 4. With LoopBack 4 being a complete rewrite from the ground up, ex... More
LoopBack 4 Developer Preview Release
Nov 28, 2017
Back in April, we kicked off LoopBack 4 as the next major advance of the popular Node.js based open source API framework. The team has been working on the new code base since then. Today I’m super excited to announce that the first Developer Previ... More
Tutorial: Get Started Creating LoopBack 4 Applications
Nov 14, 2017
CASCON 2017, running from November 6-8, has come and gone. Focusing on data, systems, and society, the event also hosted the first LoopBack 4 workshop, called “API Economy Made Easy with LoopBack 4” If you missed it, you can check it out on GitHub... More
Calling for Contributors on LoopBack Extensions
Oct 19, 2017
One of the objectives of LoopBack 4 is to promote extensibility to grow the ecosystem. Some of the popular extensions voted by the LoopBack community are authorization support, support of other protocols (e.g. gRPC, MQTT) and other API styles (e.g... More
Let's Build a Band App with LoopBack - UI and Wrap-Up (part 8 of 8)
Sep 26, 2017
In this series, we are working through building an application to support the needs of DIY bands. We’ll start out solving some basic problems and move into more complex ground, eventually transforming the application into a platform that others ca... More
Building a Vue.js Application with LoopBack - an Example
Sep 19, 2017
NOTE: We recenty posted “Embedding Frontend Frameworks into LoopBack”, which gives a complete starter that uses the full Vue.js framework. The following blog post provides quick demo for using Vue and LoopBack. I recently had a conversation with ... More
Let's Build a Band App with LoopBack: Continuous Deployment (part 7 of 8)
Sep 14, 2017
In this series, we are working through building an application to support the needs of DIY bands. We’ll start out solving some basic problems and move into more complex ground, eventually transforming the application into a platform that others ca... More
Take Part in the API-First Hackathon with IBM Watson, Strongloop & Bluemix
Aug 29, 2017
We’re pleased to announce that IBM and StrongLoop are working with Mobile Monday for their upcoming three day hackathon event in San Francisco! Running from September 8-10, this event provides the challenge of the “API-First Hackathon with IBM Wat... More
Let's Build a Band App with LoopBack: Working with Credentials (part 6 of 8)
Aug 24, 2017
In this series, we are working through building an application to support the needs of DIY bands. We’ll start out solving some basic problems and move into more complex ground, eventually transforming the application into a platform that others ca... More
Let's Build a Band App with LoopBack: Connecting to Cloudant (part 5 of 8)
Aug 17, 2017
In this series, we are working through building an application to support the needs of DIY bands. We’ll start out solving some basic problems and move into more complex ground, eventually transforming the application into a platform that others ca... More
Let's Build a Band App with LoopBack: Deploying Our Application (part 4 of 8)
Aug 10, 2017
In this series, we are working through building an application to support the needs of DIY bands. We’ll start out solving some basic problems and move into more complex ground, eventually transforming the application into a platform that others ca... More
Node Summit & AngelHack - A Brisk Week in Silicon Valley
Aug 3, 2017
Coffee shops, Patagonia jackets and Teslas on every corner - just a few of the things I was greeted with when I landed in San Francisco International Airport last Tuesday. It was going to be a great week; with Node Summit 2017 kicking off my week ... More
Let's Build a Band App with LoopBack: Exploring Our API (part 3 of 8)
Jul 25, 2017
In this series, we are working through building an application to support the needs of DIY bands. We’ll start out solving some basic problems and move into more complex ground, eventually transforming the application into a platform that others ca... More
Let's Build a Band App with LoopBack: Creating Our First Model-Driven API Endpoint (part 2 of 8)
Jul 13, 2017
In this series, we are working through building an application to support the needs of DIY bands. We’ll start out solving some basic problems and move into more complex ground, eventually transforming the application into a platform that others ca... More
Let's Build a Band App with LoopBack! (part 1 of 8)
Jul 6, 2017
Note: The first phase of this series is complete. Click on the links below for each part. Part 1: Let’s Build a Band App with LoopBack! Part 2: Creating Our First Model-Driven API Endpoint Part 3: Exploring Our API Part 4: Deploying Our ... More
Dockerize LoopBack Connectors
Jun 27, 2017
Introduction Data source connectors are a vital part of LoopBack that provide access to back-end data. Connectors typically provide access to an external database system. However, setting up a database system for development can be a barrier bec... More
How To Use Materialized Views with LoopBack Cassandra Connector
Jun 22, 2017
In this blog, I’ll walk you through the steps and corresponding source code blocks to help make your LoopBack app interact with Cassandra Materialized Views. Install the Cassandra connector from: npm More
Using LoopBack to Build the Open Source Game Xtra Points
Jun 20, 2017
Let’s start with a backstory. In 2010, my dad, Robert Okun, and I started using an Excel spreadsheet to see who could correctly predict the outcome of more NFL games on a weekly basis. This caught on quite easily, and we’ve kept the game going sin... More
LoopBack as an Event Publisher
Jun 15, 2017
Most people who have used LoopBack know that it is a highly-extensible, open-source Node.js framework that enables you to quickly create dynamic end-to-end REST APIs with little or no coding. These REST APIs can be used by client applications (We... More
Integrating LoopBack with ElasticSearch
Jun 1, 2017
I have a confession to make. I’m probably the last person to hear about, and look into, ElasticSearch. Back when I was primarily a ColdFusion developer, I was a big fan of the full-text search engine Verity and how well it worked with my apps. Whe... More
LoopBack As A Service Using OpenWhisk
May 24, 2017
In our previous blog we saw how we can host LoopBack as a multi-tenant micro-service on the cloud. As a quick recap, this would require us to: Expose REST APIs for CRUD on /models and /datasources resources. Use the LoopBack NodeJS APIs to c... More
Three New Webcasts for June - LoopBack and OpenWhisk
May 23, 2017
We are excited to announce three new free webcasts for June! This series will focus on Open Source solutions - in this case OpenWhisk and LoopBack. Check out the topics and dates below, and be sure to register for all three! June 7, 2017: Go Ser... More
Refactoring LoopBack SQL Connectors
May 9, 2017
We’ve now been developing LoopBack for over three and a half years. Like any software built at a startup’s pace, it can benefit from some much needed refactoring! This blog outlines the changes to Model Discovery and Migration. It is worth highlig... More
Building Enterprise APIs for SOAP Web Services Using LoopBack
May 5, 2017
We are excited to announce that LoopBack can now generate remote methods and REST APIs for SOAP web services. This feature enables you to easily create REST APIs that invoke web services without having in-depth knowledge of the web service. SOAP h... More
Announcing Open Source LoopBack JSONSchemas VS Code Extension
May 2, 2017
LoopBack is a powerful framework. As we know, “with great framework power comes great framework documentation.” When you know what you’re looking for in the docs, it’s easy to find. But  discovering what’s available can be a challenge for a tool a... More
Cassandra Connector for LoopBack Has Arrived
Apr 27, 2017
One of the most frequent requests from the LoopBack community is a LoopBack connector for the Apache Cassandra database. Today, we’re happy to announce the release of loopback-connector-cassandra 1.0.0. The connector implements a majority of the ... More
Creating a Multi-Tenant Connector Microservice Using LoopBack
Apr 25, 2017
Background LoopBack is a highly-extensible, open-source Node.js framework that enables you to quickly create dynamic end-to-end REST APIs with little or no coding. LoopBack allows users to define data models and connect these models to backend sy... More
Announcing, the Next Step to Make LoopBack Effortlessly Extensible
Apr 13, 2017
NOTE: has officially been renamed as LoopBack 4. History In 2013, we started LoopBack as a mobile-backend-as-a-service, evolving out of earlier efforts such as Deployd and JugglingDB. Users quickly told us that what they needed was... More
An Example of Using Environment Configuration in LoopBack
Apr 11, 2017
One of the more interesting features of LoopBack I’ve been meaning to take a look at is its support for “environment configuration”. This is a fancy way of saying “configuration based on environment.” I’m still a Node newbie, but this is something... More
Webinar: LoopBack, MongoDB, and Continuous Integration
Feb 27, 2017
Considering using LoopBack to create an API for your data in MongoDB? Then mark your calendars! We have a new webinar coming up on Tuesday March 28th – “LoopBack, MongoDB, and Continuous Integration”. LoopBack is a great tool for quickly generati... More
Webinar: Combining OpenWhisk (serverless), OpenAPI (swagger) and API Connect to Build Powerful APIs
Feb 22, 2017
Our next webinar will be held on March 16th, focusing on “Combining OpenWhisk (serverless), OpenAPI (swagger) and API Connect to build powerful APIs”. Using the power and simplicity of serverless functions and exposing them via API Connect provid... More
Context Propagation in LoopBack
Feb 2, 2017
LoopBack developers often need to propagate information (aka “context”) from the HTTP layer all the way down to data source connectors. We hear this regularly in the LoopBack discussion forums and GitHub issues. Consider the following examples: ... More
Webinar: Customizing Loopback – Integrating More Modules
Jan 30, 2017
We have a new webinar coming up on Tuesday, February 21st – how to customize LoopBack by integrating more modules! LoopBack is a fantastic tool for generating a RESTful web API, and to have it up and running in no time. We’ll spend some time show... More
Strong-soap LoopBack module
Jan 26, 2017
After years of work in with Java and Java EE7 technologies, I recently transitioned to IBM’s Strongloop team to work with the latest new technologies – Node.js. Making the transition from Java to Node.js has been an interesting journey, more about... More
Announcing the LoopBack CLI
Jan 17, 2017
Three years ago we released slc, a veritable swiss-army knife for building and managing Node applications. The slc command-line interface (CLI) also included commands for scaffolding  and modifying LoopBack apps. Over the last year, as part of th... More
Working with LoopBack Authentication and Authorization
Dec 15, 2016
One of LoopBack’s core features is the ability to lock down access to your APIs and define exactly who can do what with your data. LoopBack provides multiple tools to make this easy, but it’s helpful to see a real (although simple) application dem... More
Working with File Storage and LoopBack
Nov 22, 2016
Update for March, 2017: One of the things I mention at the very end of this article is how file uploads will overwrite each other if they use the same name. I fixed this with a pull request that was accepted a few days ago. By using a new confi... More
New Life for LoopBack Docs
Oct 11, 2016
There’s an old saying: “Give someone a fish, and they eat for a day; but teach them to fish, and they eat for a lifetime.” Metaphorically, that’s the value proposition of open-source development: it enables you to take control of your own destiny,... More
Using LoopBack to Build APIs For APIs
Oct 5, 2016
“Building APIs for APIs” sounds a bit like infinite recursion, but actually I’m talking about one of the cooler aspects of LoopBack: the ability to define a server API that maps to another server. Essentially your API acts as a proxy for another A... More
Generating Swagger (OpenAPI specification) from your LoopBack Application
Sep 20, 2016
I’ve been asked about Swagger and LoopBack at a few conferences, and my answer has been: “I know LoopBack supports creating Swagger docs, but I’m not sure of the exact syntax.” Now that I’ve gotten a bit of a break from the conference scene, I tho... More
Isomorphic JavaScript Mobile Apps
Sep 6, 2016
Note: This blog post is also available at IBM DeveloperWorks. The method of delivering content to a browser has continued to evolve over the years. In the early days, every page was a full payload. If you clicked a link, you got a new page. If yo... More
Coding Guidelines for LoopBack Are Here!
Sep 1, 2016
To make it easier to contribute to the LoopBack project, we‘ve centralized and opened up the general coding guidelines we’ve been using internally at loopback-contributor-docs. We hope this will help clear up any ambiguity about what we expect and... More
Building JavaScript Charts Powered by LoopBack
Jul 29, 2016
When we discuss APIs and LoopBack, often we’re talking about external consumers, but you can use LoopBack APIs on your own site as well. For example, one cool way to use a LoopBack REST-based API is to power client-side charting for your web site.... More
LoopBack Connector Development and Creating Your Own Connector
Jul 14, 2016
I started hearing terms like “LoopBack connector” and “StrongLoop’s connector development framework” when our business was undergoing a transition to leverage community-driven connector development. This is an essential shift  today to integrate w... More
Creating REST APIs from Data Models in API Connect
Jun 23, 2016
When it comes to building APIs, you’ve got a lot of options. Seriously, A LOT of options. Just in the Node.js world alone, your choices include: More
Broadcast Your LoopBack and Node.js Skills with IBM Open Badges
Jun 21, 2016
Note: Updated with current link for badges. You may have heard about the IBM Open Badge Program. You probably know that it is a new and innovative way to display your skills, achievements and contributions online, so you can share them on Linkedi... More
Introduction to API Connect for LoopBack Developers
Jun 8, 2016
If you’re a LoopBack developer, you have no doubt heard about IBM API Connect, the first product to come out of the IBM acquisition of StrongLoop.  You may not have paid too much attention to it yet, perhaps thinking it’s not relevant to you, or p... More
User-based Authentication with Loopback
May 17, 2016
Many who are familiar with LoopBack first discovered it as a way to build RESTful APIs, but LoopBack offers more than just the tools API developers need to build the API itself. LoopBack also also provides optional features that are focused on enr... More
Working with Pagination and LoopBack
May 6, 2016
I knew LoopBack supported pagination, but not exactly how it did. So, I wanted to build a quick demo for my own learning and I thought it might be useful to share it with others. This will be a relatively simple blog post to demonstrate what I lea... More
Managing LoopBack Configurations the Twelve-Factor Way
May 3, 2016
Managing Loopback configuration files for multiple environments can be a hassle. In this blog we demonstrate how we do it using some well-known practices for scalable and maintainable codebases from the The Twelve-Factor App methodology. The key i... More
Working with Geographical Data in your API
Apr 26, 2016
When building models with LoopBack, one of the more interesting features is the ability to define properties that represent locations. The “GeoPoint” type lets you add a location to your model that can be used in a variety of ways. Let’s look at s... More
Applying Custom Logic in Phases: Using Remote Hooks in LoopBack
Apr 19, 2016
Recently, we looked at how to use remote methods to expose custom logic as REST API endpoints in Loopback. That was pretty cool, but it just isn’t enough if we want to build a full-blown, production API. Even in a relatively simple case like expos... More
Working with LoopBack’s Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) System
Apr 13, 2016
When we talk about LoopBack, we’re usually talking about rapid API generation. But behind the REST APIs is a full object-relational mapping (ORM) system that enables you to do all the standard create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations in ... More
Remote Methods in Loopback: Creating Custom Endpoints
Apr 8, 2016
One of the nicest features of Loopback is the ability to quickly expose existing datasources (MySQL, MongoDB, Cloudant, etc.) as REST APIs with standard CRUD (create, retrieve, update and delete) support. But let’s be honest, that’s not really goi... More
Webcast Available – StrongLoop to API Connect: the Evolution
Apr 5, 2016
Recently, Dennis Ashby (IBM Worldwide Director, IBM API Connect Solutions) hosted a webcast telling StrongLoop and LoopBack users everything to know about the new release of StrongLoop. IBM API Connect is a comprehensive management solution that c... More
Introduction to LoopBack Presentation
Mar 31, 2016
On March 31, I gave a presentation on LoopBack and StrongLoop. I’ve embedded the recording here: More
Examples of Validations for LoopBack Models
Mar 29, 2016
When working with LoopBack models, you can validate data before it gets persisted into your datastore multiple different ways. The documentation describes the various methods, but I wanted to play with it a bit and demonstrate a few examples. To ... More
Securing Your API with OAuth
Mar 28, 2016
This blog post has moved to IBM DeveloperWorks ....
Migrating a Legacy System to LoopBack (Even with Complicated Data!)
Mar 3, 2016
We know LoopBack makes it a breeze to create APIs that expose SQL & NoSQL databases (among others), but in real business environments, data isn’t always this tidy. As business systems develop over years, it’s not uncommon for information to be... More
Part 4: Ionic & LoopBack Frameworks – Testing with Travis
Nov 10, 2015
In the first three articles in this series, you built a simple mobile app and server using the Ionic Framework and StrongLoop LoopBack. In this article, you’ll learn about one key advantage of building mobile apps with Ionic: access to the JavaScr... More
Part 3: Ionic & LoopBack Frameworks – Building the Ionic App
Oct 6, 2015
In the first two articles in this series, you built a REST API using StrongLoop LoopBack and several AngularJS directives that use your API via the LoopBack AngularJS SDK. With these two components, you’ve done most of the work of building a hybri... More
Part 2: Ionic & LoopBack Frameworks – Directives with the AngularJS LoopBack SDK
Sep 9, 2015
In the first article in this series, you built out a simple REST API for tracking times using StrongLoop LoopBack. The REST API enabled you to login using Facebook OAuth and save times recorded by a stopwatch. In order to make this API useful, you... More
Part 1: Ionic & LoopBack Frameworks – Building a REST API
Aug 10, 2015
I have a confession: I hate native mobile development. Most of the reason why I started working with NodeJS was my struggles with managing mobile app development for a small startup in 2012. Back then, native mobile development struggled with pain... More
Introducing the Xamarin SDK for LoopBack
Aug 5, 2015
When we started the open source LoopBack project two years ago, we knew that its use would be fueled by the needs of mobile solutions. We were a very small team and only able to develop for iOS, Android, and AngularJS. Although we were keenly inte... More
How To: Build Xamarin Apps with Node.js REST APIs and SQL Server
Aug 5, 2015
Ever wonder what the backend for your Xamarin App should be? As a .Net developer who was asked to build mobile apps, I have gravitated to Xamarin and found it to be excellent platform to build, monitor and test my cross platform mobile app. But, I... More
Build Real-Time Node.js Apps with Angular LiveSet and LoopBack
Jul 15, 2015
What is LiveSet? LiveSet is an AngularJS module that makes it easy to build real time applications. We created it so you can focus on building your app instead of cobbling together several libraries and frameworks. Unlike other real-time librarie... More
Use LoopBack’s Geolocation Feature to Build a Simple Node.js User Registration App
Jun 3, 2015
If you’ve been looking for a framework to help you get your REST APIs up and running quickly, with a robust set of functionality and flexibility, then the LoopBack Framework is what you want. This framework helps developers create APIs that integr... More
Getting Started with the Node.js LoopBack Connector for ArangoDB
May 12, 2015
This tutorial is the third in a series of posts that will help you get started with some of the many user contributed NoSQL connectors for LoopBack. In this series we will cover usage of the connectors for: Couchbase Riak RethinkDB Arang... More
Introducing StrongLoop’s Unopinionated Node.js Pub/Sub
Apr 28, 2015
Unopinionated, Node.js powered Publish – Subscribe for mobile, IoT and the browser. There are many ways to push data from a Node app to another app (written in Node, the browser, or other platforms and languages). Several frameworks have arisen a... More
Getting Started with Node.js LoopBack Connector for Couchbase
Apr 23, 2015
Introduction LoopBack is the leading open source, enterprise-ready Node.js framework for helping developers to create APIs integrated with legacy and next gen backends that at the same time enables mobile and micro services architectures. LoopBa... More
Two-Factor Authentication with LoopBack
Mar 3, 2015
Before I get into the code and walk you through it, I wanted to talk about my motivation for this post. I recently spoke at the Confoo developer conference in Montreal. If you haven’t been, it’s a whirlwind of new technologies, complex data theori... More
An Update on the LoopBack Roadmap and Backlog
Feb 18, 2015
It’s no surprise that here at StrongLoop we develop our software using agile methodologies, most notably scrum.  Building a next-generation API platform means we have to iterate quickly, change direction just as quickly, and re-prioritize... More
Managing the LoopBack Project with Waffle
Feb 18, 2015
[A guest post from our friends at Waffle] Waffle started off as a work tracking tool for open source repositories on GitHub. Today, Waffle works for software development teams of all kinds, from those managing open source projects to enter... More
Announcing the Official Node.js Connector for the Oracle Database by Oracle
Jan 27, 2015
Oracle has released a new Node.js driver for Oracle Database on GitHub! This is exciting for the Node community. The interest in Node applications that connect to the widely available Oracle Database is being recognized and rewarded with a driver... More
Announcing the Open Source Node.js LoopBack API Gateway
Oct 9, 2014
Note: Since the publication of this blog, the StrongLoop API Gateway was relaunched on August 5, 2015. Read this announcement blog to learn more about the latest version. This morning, we released the open-source version of the LoopBack API Gatew... More
Getting Started with the LoopBack API Gateway Sample Application
Oct 9, 2014
Note: Since the publication of this blog, the StrongLoop API Gateway was relaunched on August 5, 2015. Read this announcement blog to learn more about the latest version. In case you missed it, today we announced the availability of the open sour... More
Node.js API Tip: GeoLocation
Oct 3, 2014
In the rapidly evolving data analytics space that is driving renewed IT and marketing spend, one of the key metrics is end user tracking is… Who are you (Identity)? What are you entitled to (Access)? How are you (Wellness)? Which t... More
Building Enterprise APIs with StrongLoop Support for Swagger 2.0
Sep 6, 2014
The Swagger 2.0 specification was officially released today and at StrongLoop we are excited to announce that LoopBack is the first Node.js framework to support Swagger 2.0. Using LoopBack you can now take a Swagger 1.2 or 2.0 specification and au... More
How to Deploy a Node.js REST API Server on Red Hat’s OpenShift
Sep 3, 2014
The world is moving toward the cloud—both public and private clouds—and infrastructure demands are giving rise to a new generation of integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) API servers which specifically handle this use case with the added dime... More
Node.js API Tip: Offline Sync and Replication
Aug 26, 2014
Mobile technologies have radically changed our personal lives and are now doing the same in the workplace—perhaps not as rapidly as many of us would like! Not every office looks like this, although at times we might feel this way. Many of us no... More
Getting Started with Node.js for the Java Developer
Aug 14, 2014
Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August, 2014. We have refreshed this popular blog post with updated IDEs and LoopBack instructions. Let me start with a confession: I was a Java developer for nearly 10 years and fully embraced... More
Node.js API Tip: Model Driven Development
Jul 14, 2014
Today’s tip focuses on APIs – which just so happen to be the primary use case for Node.js!  APIs are driving the new frontedge – inclusive of mobile, tablets, wearables, web browsers, sensors, et al by providing rich backend d... More
Announcing Support for Google, Facebook and GitHub Authentication in LoopBack
Jun 3, 2014
Introduction These days most people have dozens of logins, and no one really wants to register for yet another website or app.  It’s easier to attract new users by allowing them to login with an existing account from a popular service such as Goo... More
Open Source Replication and Offline Sync for Node.js and Devices
May 22, 2014
Today, StrongLoop is excited to announce support for replication and offline synchronization in our LoopBack API framework. What makes this unique is that it is completely open source and powered by Node.js. Loopback is an open source API framewor... More
New in the LoopBack Android SDK 1.3 – User Auth and Storage Service
May 20, 2014
StrongLoop is excited to announce a new version of the LoopBack Android SDK 1.3. The release adds two new features: user authentication and storage service client. What’s LoopBack? It’s an open-source API server for Node.js applications. It enabl... More
Part 1: Enable Push Notifications With a Private mBaaS Hosted on Amazon – Intro to LoopBack
May 15, 2014
This is part one of a four-part tutorial on setting up a mobile backend as a service on Amazon and iOS and Android client applications to enable push notification. To send push notifications, you’ll need to create a LoopBack server application, th... More
Part 2: Enable Push Notifications With a Private mBaaS Hosted on Amazon – Android Client
May 15, 2014
This is the second of a four-part tutorial on setting up a mobile backend as a service on Amazon and setting up iOS and Android client applications to enable push notification. If you want to setup Push Notifications for an iOS app refer to Part 3... More
Part 3: Enable Push Notifications With a Private mBaaS Hosted on Amazon – iOS Client
May 15, 2014
This is the third of a four-part tutorial on setting up a mobile backend as a service on Amazon and setting up iOS and Android client applications to enable push notification. If you want to setup Push Notifications for an iOS app refer to Part Th... More
Part 4: Enable Push Notifications With a Private mBaaS Hosted on Amazon – Putting It All Together
May 15, 2014
This is the last section of a four-part tutorial on setting up a mobile backend as a service on Amazon and setting up iOS and Android client applications to enable push notifications. In this section we’ll explain how to run the backend LoopBack a... More
Getting Started with the PostgreSQL Connector for LoopBack
May 7, 2014
StrongLoop is pleased to announce the 1.0.0 release of the LoopBack PostgreSQL Connector, that enables LoopBack powered applications to access PostgreSQL databases. The PostgreSQL connector is a new member of the LoopBack connector family. It supp... More
Comparing Express, Restify, hapi and LoopBack for building RESTful APIs
Apr 29, 2014
Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April, 2014. We have refreshed this popular blog post. If you are writing a Node.js application, chances are you going to have some kind of API endpoints to be consumed by your front end or exp... More
Turn SOAP into REST APIs with LoopBack
Apr 24, 2014
Nowadays, “web services” often means REST (Representational state transfer) APIs using JSON as the data exchange format.  However, the first generation of web services was built using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), a standard protocol based... More
Full Stack JavaScript in Action with LoopBack’s Browser Support
Apr 21, 2014
Browser Support LoopBack version 1.8.0 introduces browser support with two key features: The loopback.Remote connector and the browserify distribution. These enable running a LoopBack client application in the browser that shares code with a ... More
Beyond Node.js Express: An Intro to Koa.js and a Preview of Zones
Apr 11, 2014
In late 2013, the team behind Express.js announced a new framework called Koa. It uses some features that require an unstable dev version of Node, but in this post I’ll show you how easy it is give it a try both locally and on Heroku. Before We... More
Managing Objects in LoopBack with the Storage Provider of Your Choice
Apr 7, 2014
Introduction Applications often need to store and use files such as images, videos, and PDFs. Nowadays, there are a lot of choices for cloud storage providers, each of which provides a different API. Meanwhile, web and mobile platforms provide di... More
Node.js is Required for Next Generation API Servers
Apr 1, 2014
Background About two years ago, Jeff Cross and I created deployd, an interactive development environment (IDE) and API server for rapidly prototyping REST APIs for HTML5 and mobile apps. As front end developers we wanted to be able to easi... More
How-to Build CRUD Enabled iOS Apps with the LoopBack API Server – Part 1
Mar 25, 2014
In this two-part tutorial we’ll be creating an iOS app that connects to a LoopBack API server to perform create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations. In Part One we’ll show you how to fetch data stored in an in-memory data source. Part Two ... More
How-to Build CRUD Enabled iOS Apps with the LoopBack API Server – Part 2
Mar 24, 2014
Welcome to the second installment of a two-part tutorial on how to create an iOS app that connects to a LoopBack API server application to perform create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations. In Part One we looked at how to fetch data. In t... More
Defining and Mapping Data Relations with LoopBack Connected Models
Mar 24, 2014
In LoopBack, working with data is usually the core of business logic. We typically start by defining models to represent business data. Then we attach models to configured data sources to receive behaviors provided by various connectors. For examp... More
API’s Lack Conventions and Standards – Two Perspectives on Solutions
Feb 12, 2014
I just came back from Apps World 2014, having attended most of the sessions on the API Strategies track among others.  Apps World covers a wide spectrum of technical topics from mobile front-end development using HTML5 to back-end API development ... More
Why the Enterprise needs an API Tier built in Node.js
Jan 29, 2014
Background Many enterprises started as small companies that adopted business process automation systems to help scale their operations.  Back in the 1980s and ’90s, such systems were typically custom-built, since little “off the shelf” enterprise... More
How to Migrate an mBaaS: Deployd to LoopBack
Jan 15, 2014
Background LoopBack and Deployd are both flavors of the “noBackend” and “mBaaS” trends. Frameworks and tooling specifically designed to simplify backend development, allowing you to focus on building great web and mobile user experiences.... More
A Brief History of Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (mBaaS)
Jan 15, 2014
Background About two years ago, Jeff Cross and I created an obscure open source project called deployd. A framework for rapidly building REST APIs for HTML5 and mobile apps. We didn’t realize it at the time, but it was our tiny contribution ... More
Getting Started with Android Push Notifications in LoopBack
Jan 14, 2014
In the previous blog post Push notifications with LoopBack, we have described how to setup your LoopBack application for sending push notifications to iOS devices such as iPhone. In this installment, we will look at pushing notifications to And... More
Getting Started with iOS Push Notifications in LoopBack
Jan 14, 2014
We are pleased to announce that you can now send push notifications to mobile devices (iOS and Android) using LoopBack with the release of the loopback-push-notifications module. What’s LoopBack? It’s an open source mobile backend, powered by Node... More
Mobile App Development with Full-Stack Javascript (part 1 of 4)
Dec 12, 2013
In this four part blog series, we talk about mobile application development using JavaScript on both front end and backend as a true platform. Although this concept of full-stack JavaScript is not new, there are limited reference implementations o... More
Using StrongLoop to Overcome Challenges with Connecting Mobile Apps to Data
Dec 11, 2013
Developers are well aware of the challenges presented by the diversity of mobile devices; but the diversity of backend systems presents equal challenges. Not only are there many different kinds of back end systems and data stores, but application ... More
Deploying LoopBack mBaaS on Amazon EC2
Nov 21, 2013
MBaaS experience without the lock-in or cost StrongLoop distro has been supported on the Amazon Marketplace since the July 1.1 release; so it’s no surprise that the new StrongLoop Suite (StrongNode, StrongOps and LoopBack) is ready to be used out... More
Connecting LoopBack to Data sources on Rackspace, Part 1 of 3: Connecting to MongoDB with ObjectRocket
Nov 21, 2013
  MongoDB and LoopBack Node on Rackspace Data brings mobile applications to life and MongoDB is often a preferred choice for mobile first data. MongoDB’s powerful document-oriented database combined with Rackspace’s MongoDB as a service pl... More
How to run Node.js on the JVM with Avatar.js and LoopBack
Nov 11, 2013
Background LoopBack is an open source mobile API framework for Node.js from StrongLoop. It not only helps you expose REST api, but provides you the ability to build APIs, define data models, connect to data sources including databases such a... More
Getting Started with the MySQL Connector for LoopBack
Nov 6, 2013
We’re happy to announce the release of the LoopBack MySQL Connector that enables LoopBack applications to access MySQL databases.  It is being released as part of StrongLoop Suite 1.1, as a GitHub module, and as an NPM package . StrongLoop... More
Recipes for LoopBack Models, part 5 of 5: Model Synchronization with Relational Databases
Oct 31, 2013
Last time, we looked at using LoopBack while defining models from scratch. In the last part of this 5-part series, we demonstrate how to synchronize your data. Now I have defined a LoopBack model, can LoopBack create or update the database ... More
Recipes for LoopBack Models, part 4 of 5: Models by Instance Introspection
Oct 24, 2013
Last time, we looked at using LoopBack with relational databases, allowing you to consume existing data. This time around, we are looking at your options when the data does not have a schema. I have JSON documents from REST services and NoS... More
Recipes for LoopBack Models, part 3 of 5: Model Discovery with Relational Databases
Oct 17, 2013
In the prior part of this 5-part series, we looked at schema definitions and defined a model using an in-memory source to mock up the data access. This time around, we are looking at model discovery with existing  relational databases or JSON d... More
Recipes for LoopBack Models, part 2 of 5: Models with Schema Definitions
Oct 9, 2013
Last time, we looked at how you can mobilize data through LoopBack with open models, which works well for free-form style data.  This time around, we are looking at models with schema definitions. I want to build a mobile application th... More
Recipes for LoopBack Models, Part 1 of 5: Open Models
Oct 3, 2013
Rich mobile applications are driven by data. Data can be produced and consumed by mobile devices, browsers, cloud services, legacy applications, databases, and other backend systems. LoopBack mobilizes data through models that represent business ... More
Deploying LoopBack mBaaS on Rackspace
Sep 17, 2013
Fanatical Support Meets Strong Node Fanatical Support has made Rackspace the leader in enterprise hosting. The Fanatical Support mantra, support for open source products, and strong SLA has made them the preferred vendor for IT ops in companies ... More
Deploying LoopBack mBaaS on Cloud Foundry
Sep 17, 2013
Getting Started with LoopBack on Cloud Foundry Most mobile developers want to focus on the front-end of their apps and not get caught up in having to figure out how to write a backend, connect it to data sources or worse how to manage and scale... More