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Webinar: LoopBack, MongoDB, and Continuous Integration
Feb 27, 2017
Considering using LoopBack to create an API for your data in MongoDB? Then mark your calendars! We have a new webinar coming up on Tuesday March 28th – “LoopBack, MongoDB, and Continuous Integration”. LoopBack is a great tool for quickly generati... More
Webinar: Combining OpenWhisk (serverless), OpenAPI (swagger) and API Connect to Build Powerful APIs
Feb 22, 2017
Our next webinar will be held on March 16th, focusing on “Combining OpenWhisk (serverless), OpenAPI (swagger) and API Connect to build powerful APIs”. Using the power and simplicity of serverless functions and exposing them via API Connect provid... More
Webinar: Customizing Loopback – Integrating More Modules
Jan 30, 2017
We have a new webinar coming up on Tuesday, February 21st – how to customize LoopBack by integrating more modules! LoopBack is a fantastic tool for generating a RESTful web API, and to have it up and running in no time. We’ll spend some time show... More
Webinar – Micro Gateways are a Big Deal: Managing your APIs with API Connect
Nov 2, 2016
We have an exciting new webinar coming up on November 21st that will help understand how to use API Connect’s micro gateway to secure and forward requests to your back end API. Joe Sepi (Lead Developer Evangelist, IBM Cloud) is the webinar speake... More
Using LoopBack to Build APIs For APIs
Oct 5, 2016
“Building APIs for APIs” sounds a bit like infinite recursion, but actually I’m talking about one of the cooler aspects of LoopBack: the ability to define a server API that maps to another server. Essentially your API acts as a proxy for another A... More
Working with Geographical Data in your API
Apr 26, 2016
When building models with LoopBack, one of the more interesting features is the ability to define properties that represent locations. The “GeoPoint” type lets you add a location to your model that can be used in a variety of ways. Let’s look at s... More
Node.js API Tip: GeoLocation
Oct 3, 2014
In the rapidly evolving data analytics space that is driving renewed IT and marketing spend, one of the key metrics is end user tracking is… Who are you (Identity)? What are you entitled to (Access)? How are you (Wellness)? Which t... More
Node.js API Tip: Offline Sync and Replication
Aug 26, 2014
Mobile technologies have radically changed our personal lives and are now doing the same in the workplace—perhaps not as rapidly as many of us would like! Not every office looks like this, although at times we might feel this way. Many of us no... More
Node.js API Tip: Model Driven Development
Jul 14, 2014
Today’s tip focuses on APIs – which just so happen to be the primary use case for Node.js!  APIs are driving the new frontedge – inclusive of mobile, tablets, wearables, web browsers, sensors, et al by providing rich backend d... More
Using Express.js for APIs
Sep 4, 2013
A few tips and libraries for creating and documenting RESTful APIs with Express.js. See a simple example app that incorporates some of these ideas. Two things really got me sucked into Express when I first started using it: Jade and Stylus. I can... More