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Hello World, Getting started with LoopBack and API Connect
Apr 26, 2017
Ted Neward recently posted about getting started with LoopBack and API Connect on IBM’s developerWorks blog.  It is the first part of a series in which he plans to “introduce LoopBack, a server-side JavaScript framework that emphasizes building H... More
What's New in the Latest IBM API Connect Release - April 2017
Apr 13, 2017
Want to know about the latest updates to IBM API Connect? We recently implemented the following new features: more*Analytics component has changed *API Designer and API Manager have a new look *Application metrics dashboard is now available f... More
What’s New in the Latest LoopBack Release – March 2017
Mar 21, 2017
The last LTS releases for LoopBack were a couple of months ago. In January, the team updated loopback-datasource-juggler and strong-remoting.  The team implemented several changes into the open source framework this month as well. Curious about wh... More
Webinar – Micro Gateways are a Big Deal: Managing your APIs with API Connect
Nov 2, 2016
We have an exciting new webinar coming up on November 21st that will help understand how to use API Connect’s micro gateway to secure and forward requests to your back end API. Joe Sepi (Lead Developer Evangelist, IBM Cloud) is the webinar speake... More
API Connect – Better Than Ever!
Aug 30, 2016
The IBM API Connect team has been busy!  In March, IBM API Connect v5 was delivered, and since then we’ve made several updates and additions. Alan Ogilvie provided a thorough rundown in the IBM developerWorks forums, and we are pleased to present ... More
Creating REST APIs from Data Models in API Connect
Jun 23, 2016
When it comes to building APIs, you’ve got a lot of options. Seriously, A LOT of options. Just in the Node.js world alone, your choices include: More
Webcast Available – Introduction to IBM API Connect
Jun 9, 2016
Earlier this week, our Developer Advocate Raymond Camden hosted a webcast introducing the new IBM API Connect, a powerful API management tool that enables developers to create, test, secure, and manage their APIs developed in either Java or Node.... More
Introduction to API Connect for LoopBack Developers
Jun 8, 2016
If you’re a LoopBack developer, you have no doubt heard about IBM API Connect, the first product to come out of the IBM acquisition of StrongLoop.  You may not have paid too much attention to it yet, perhaps thinking it’s not relevant to you, or p... More
Webcast: Introduction to IBM API Connect
Jun 1, 2016
We’re excited to announce the first of three in our latest webinar series. We start next week with our “Introduction to IBM API Connect” webcast. More
Webcast Available – StrongLoop to API Connect: the Evolution
Apr 5, 2016
Recently, Dennis Ashby (IBM Worldwide Director, IBM API Connect Solutions) hosted a webcast telling StrongLoop and LoopBack users everything to know about the new release of StrongLoop. IBM API Connect is a comprehensive management solution that c... More
API Connect Has Arrived!
Mar 22, 2016
Last month, we proudly announced IBM API Connect, an API management solution with a built-in gateway, allowing you to create, run, manage, and secure APIs and Microservices. Today we are just as proudly announce that API Connect has arrived! As ... More
Introducing IBM API Connect
Feb 17, 2016
UPDATE: IBM API Connect is now available! We’re proud to announce the upcoming release of IBM API Connect, a complete API lifecycle management solution that will make things easier for developers, Central IT, and LoB Management. What is IBM API ... More