Today marks an important milestone for the StrongLoop website: the transition from showcasing our services to promoting community. While we proudly supported community since we launched, our previous site highlighted options from StrongLoop and IBM to help you build with node.js and power the API economy. Moving forward, this site embraces our role within the Open Source community that creates APIs and supporting the growth of that community.

Supporting the Open Source API Developer Community

With our renewed focus on Open-Source options for the API developer community, the StrongLoop site will primarily feature the following:


These are three key Open Source technologies for API creation, and we will share content revolving around them.


The StrongLoop team will continue to sponsor and attend events because these are important to us and the community. These events will include meetups, informative webinars, and developer conferences. We’ll provide a list so you know where to find us!


We are proud of the work that the StrongLoop and IBM team, as well as members of the community, have created on the StrongLoop blog. When we updated this site, we archived outdated posts and migrated posts to appropriate locations. Articles related to API Connect are now in the DeveloperWorks - API Connect blog. Node-related content has moved to Node.js @ IBM DeveloperWorks. We will continue to provide the same strong content here, focusing on building APIs with Open Source solutions.

StrongLoop newsletter

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In March of 2013, the StrongLoop team introduced its supportable Node.js solution. From the beginning, we embraced the community Node distribution by making major contributions to Node core, and added features to improve Enterprise adoption. We nurtured our relationship with the Node.js community online and at meetups, hackathons, and conventions. We shared informative tutorials and webinars for our offerings and Node.js and JavaScript. After being acquired by IBM in September 2015, we launched exciting new products to create and design APIs. We re-established LoopBack as an Open Source framework, re-invigorating its documentation, adding features, and sharing plans for significant revisions and improvements.

Throughout these developments, we continued to engage the Node.js community. We attended events, learned from our users, and provided valuable information on our blog. While StrongLoop began with a focus on Open Source software within the Node community, we’ve evolved and extended our presence in the Open Source community that builds APIs. We’re proud of how developers helped shape and grow the StrongLoop community, and we want to pay it forward by continuing to help promote Open Source solutions for API development. IBM continues to contribute to and support this StrongLoop community.

The Future

We are excited about our new focus on APIs and the Open Source developer communities that builds them. We will continue to post the same sort of LoopBack and Open Source-related content you’ve come to expect so that you you be part of the API economy. Want to stay looped in? Check out these options:

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What Next?

  • Read about planned changes to LoopBack.
  • Learn more about API Microgateway.
  • Check out how the Open API Initiative and the Linux Foundation are combining efforts to produce APIStrat 17.
  • Have you used Arc, LoopBack, or API Connect and are wondering what these changes mean? Check out our FAQ.