The LoopBack team was delighted to be part of the Node+JS Interactive conference, which happened from October 10-12 in Vancouver. We were busy at the conference, during which we:

There were a few questions about LoopBack that we heard from multiple attendees. Let us share some commonly asked questions we received during the conference.

Q: What is LoopBack?

A: LoopBack is a an open source Node.js API framework. Continuing as a leading API creation framework with out-of-box integration with 20+ databases and services, LoopBack 4 is a rewrite in TypeScript from ground up based on LoopBack 3.

  • It has a brand new core which makes this framework simpler to use and easier to extend than ever.
  • It supports OpenAPI for comprehensive bottom-up and top-down REST API experience.
  • It enables instant GraphQL endpoints from REST APIs.

Q: I missed the LoopBack workshop. Can I find the lab instructions somewhere?

A: Of course! You can find the tutorial here:

Q: Can I use LoopBack to talk to other third-party services?

A: Yes, you can connect to external services, such as REST and SOAP services, in your LoopBack application. See the documentation page and the SOAP calculator tutorial for more details.

Q: I heard that LoopBack has GraphQL support. Can you tell me more about it?

A: We recently released a node module called oasgraph. It takes any REST API with an OpenAPI definition and give it a GraphQL gateway. Our tutorial shows you how.

Q: What if I missed the talk on building Node.js application at scale?

A: Don’t worry. The recording has been posted here, and slides can be found in here. Other presentation recordings at the event can be found in this playlist as well.

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