If you’ve visited the StrongLoop site before, you may be thinking that things look a little bit different. While it’s not radically different, you’re probably noticing that shades of blue have replaced shades of green. Rest assured, we’ve planned this visual revision for a while now. With a new version of LoopBack successfully launched and a new year well started, the time was right for the change - six years after we announced StrongLoop back in February 2013.

One of the things we knew we would do after the launch of LoopBack 4 was redesign the StrongLoop logo and site to match LoopBack’s new branding colors. We think this new look brings a fresh approach with the newly-incorporated shades of blue, while still maintaining enough familiarity in terms of content and the revised StrongLoop hex motif to connect to its roots.

Since its inception, StrongLoop utilized the greens incorporated in the original logos for both StrongLoop and LoopBack in its site look. When we officially launched the current version of LoopBack this past Fall, it was a completely redesigned modular framework along with an entirely new logo. While we talk about other great Open Source options on this site, we’ve been primarily linked with LoopBack since our launch. As such, it made sense to use to mirror LoopBack’s current color scheme.

Besides updating the color scheme, long-time visitors may notice that we’ve updated the projects listed as well as Frequently Asked Questions. With certain projects and products inactive or relocated to relevant IBM sites for over a year now, we’ve minimized references to them on this site for clarity. We’ve also ensured that we have a dynamic section on our home page prominently reflecting our latest blog content.

We anticipate that the site will continue to evolve in coming months, just as it has since its launch. For example, we will continue promoting events that the LoopBack team attends, as well as opportunities to learn more about developing with LoopBack. However, we will provide a fuller focus with details on our StrongBlog and social media rather than simply listing them on a separate page. We’ll also keep sharing news about API Microgateway and OASGraph, in addition to Node.js and OpenAPISpec. We continue to offer and strongly support open-source solutions for the API developer community!

We hope you like our new look, as well as how it still connects to our past while we look to the future!

What’s Next?

  • Learn about open source projects that provide key technologies for the API economy: LoopBack; API Microgateway, and; OpenAPI Spec.

  • Be sure to follow StrongLoop on Facebook and Twitter!