Editor’s Note: This month we are introducing you to IBM’s StrongLoop Developer Evangelist team. While they are usually quite busy attending events, hosting webinars, and putting together content about LoopBack and IBM’s API Connect, we managed to get them to write about themselves and let us know more about them. We have already introduced you to David Okun. and Erin McKean. Today you get to meet Joe Sepi.

Hi there, friends.

My name is Joe Sepi and I was hired as Lead Developer Evangelist in late June. Its been half a year since I’ve joined, but I still want to take a moment to introduce myself as I expect we’ll be seeing a lot of each other in the coming weeks, months, years.

Joe Sepi - Least Best Beast

Let me start from the beginning: I stumbled into the web engineering field way back in 1998. I had been playing in punk bands when our drummer got himself a “good job” and came home with a laptop. Like any good punk band, we all lived together and I remember late one night banging on the keys of this new machine, muttering “what is this internet thing all about?” I found an option to ‘View Source’ and really, the rest is history: I found the source code of that random web page understandable; and suddenly, what originally seemed magical, now seemed tangible.

I took some classes through Digital Bootcamp and was soon doing sites for all my friends and their friends. (At around the same time, my band went on tour and I was asked to be a roving internet music reporter!) With every freelance project, I spent way more time than what I was getting paid, but next thing I knew, I was building a new site at Sears for the CEO with a team of Obtiva consultants (who later basically became the Groupon engineering team.) One day, I looked around and realized I had stumbled into a career and hadn’t even realized it. Perhaps because I was enjoying myself too much.

From Sears to IAC/InterActiveCorp to Credit Suisse to the New York Times to Adobe to IBM (with a few startups in between,) I was expanding my skills and network with each new adventure. But what I found myself wanting to do at each place was to build and enrich a developer community. For each place, that idea meant something a little different, but it always meant interacting with other engineers and trying to make things better for all of us, somehow.

So while I love engineering — I think I like engineers even more. It’s the people that make this all worthwhile.

At StrongLoop, I look forward to continuing on this journey. Our first step was to grow our team. But now that we have such a great group put together, I am focused intently on contributing back to the developer community in many ways: sharing knowledge, enhancing tools, building proof-of-concepts, leading events, sparking ideas, and, above all else, building relationships. At the end of the day, I expect that these relationships will outlast all of our backlog of feature requests and bug reports. 🙂

P.S. If you are curious, I am currently in two bands. Least Best Beast is just wrapping up a new record and Mustard Tiger will never record because improvise every show — see our website to understand.

Joe Sepi


aka Mr. Crane-Messina