APIStrat takes place September 24 - 26 in Nashville, Tennessee - just a month away! Hosted by the Open API Initiative and The Linux Foundation, this event provides opportunities to learn and discuss the API economy and all related things.

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Now in its ninth year, the API Strategy & Practice Conference continues towards a specific goal, as summarized on its web site:

“APIStrat brings together experts, leaders, and members of the community to discuss what we each see on the ground every day. This event is not just for developers and IT teams, it is also for business users, executives, and anyone who seeks to better understand how APIs are impacting the world around us.”

As always, there will be many informative sessions and opportunities to learn. New sessions are still being announced, and here are some highlights from StrongLoop and the IBM team.

Chris Phillips, SWAT Integration Architect, has two sessions. When asked about his sessions, he stated, “attendees can learn how to protect their businesses from expensive mistakes. Come and learn the mysteries of scaling and how it causes unexpected issues.”

The “Go Full Throttle” session, Chris says, “is aimed at helping with how to ensure that when you scale out a component, you also scale its dependencies enough.”

A couple of other sessions from our IBM teammates include:

You can register for the event here!

What Next?

  • Learn about three projects that provide key technologies for the API economy: LoopBack; API Microgateway, and; OpenAPI Spec.

  • Check out other events that we will be attending!