Earlier this month, the Node Foundation and JS Foundation announced that they were merging to form the OpenJS Foundation. We wanted to share a great article reacting to that announcement, written by IBM’s Todd Moore and Joe Sepi and entitled “Join the OpenJS Foundation, JavaScript’s new home”. In addition to the invitation, they provide background on the creation of the Foundation, benefits of it, and a look ahead at the future of Javascript.

Here are some excerpts from their post.

After months of community feedback, deliberation, and collaboration, IBM is excited to celebrate the merger of the Node.js Foundation and the JS Foundation into the newly formed OpenJS Foundation. IBM has been active in both foundations, particularly Node.js, for years, and we are thrilled about what this merger means for the future of JavaScript and Node.js.

The OpenJS Foundation’s mission is to foster the health and growth of JavaScript, Node.js, and other web technologies, as well as the communities that support them.

We believe bringing the two foundations together under the OpenJS Foundation will create a better channel for collaborating across the JavaScript ecosystem, resulting in more active, growing projects. This singular focus creates a unified, vibrant home for any project in the JavaScript ecosystem.

The OpenJS Foundation brings together the goals of both the JavaScript and Node.js Foundations, so companies and organizations no longer have to choose where to focus their JavaScript support — or their JavaScript dollars. Because IBM supported both the Node.js Foundation and the JS Foundation, we are really excited that we can now have an undivided place to focus our development and leadership support and attention.

The experience and knowledge within this new unified organization will keep us on the path of prosperity and longevity.

This should be the beginning of great things to come as the OpenJS Foundation begins its journey as the shepherd for all things JavaScript, Node.js, and beyond. With the pervasive nature of JavaScript, the widespread adoption of Node.js, the vibrant community and the promise of the web, the days ahead should be exciting.

We recommend that you check out the full article for all the details, including how you can get involved with the OpenJS Foundation.

What Next?

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