UPDATE: IBM API Connect is now available!

We’re proud to announce the upcoming release of IBM API Connect, a complete API lifecycle management solution that will make things easier for developers, Central IT, and LoB Management.

What is IBM API Connect?

API Connect integrates IBM StrongLoop and IBM API Management with a built-in gateway, allowing you to create, run, manage, and secure APIs and Microservices. API Connect is the first of its kind: a unified end-to-end API management solution that enables the automated creation of APIs, simplified discovery of systems of records, self-service access for internal and third party developers and built-in security and governance. It’s built for hybrid cloud environments, so you can place it wherever your API runs best!

Using automated, model-driven tools in API Connect, developers can easily discover existing APIs and back-end data sources and create new APIs and microservices based on Node.js and Java runtimes—all managed from a single unified console. As a result, API developers can be more productive, shorten development cycles and work with IT departments to safely and securely access Enterprise data via self-service portals.

API Connect

What can API Connect do for you?

IBM API Connect is a comprehensive, streamlined management solution that addresses all aspects of the API lifecycle. You can move from API creation to API consumption with ease, shortening development cycles and accelerating application creation.

Let’s take a closer look at each stage of the API lifecycle:


  • API Discovery & Assembly
  • API Policy Management
  • Lifecycle Mgmt & Governance
  • Self-service Developer Portal
  • API Monitoring & Analytics
  • Subscription Management


  • Discover API’s & data sources to connect to API’s
  • Develop & Compose API’s in Node.js
  • Visual API Assembly
  • Generate API consumer SDK
  • Manage print node environment information


  • API Policy Enforcement
  • Security & Control
  • Connectivity & Scale
  • Traffic control & mediation
  • Workload optimization
  • Monitoring/Analytics Collection
  • Publish to developer portal
  • Social Collaboration
  • Community Management


  • Build, debug, deploy, Node.js microservice apps
  • Build, debug, deploy Java microservice apps
  • Node.js & Java common management & scaling
  • Seamlessly stage to cloud or on-prem catalog

API Connect allows you confidently begin your API journey with efficiency, control, and security to minimize risk. If you are a developer, API Connect will provide several advantages:

Accelerate innovation

As a result of IBM’s recent acquisition of StrongLoop, API Connect brings together Node.js and Java capabilities into a unified runtime management environment. A founding member of the Node.js Foundation and strong supporter of many open source projects, IBM fully embraces, contributes to and participates in open, community-driven innovation.

  • Instantly create pilots and proof-of-concept applications using real back-end data
  • Enable traditional front-end developers to become full-stack developers
  • Leverage community-driven innovation
  • Develop and scale mobile, IoT and next-generation web APIs

Shorten development cycles

Shorten development cycles thanks to near-universal access to data and services both on-premises and in the cloud. Easy-to-use tooling allows developers to visually compose APIs.

  • Quickly and easily develop applications that connect to any data or service
  • Reduce dependency on central IT
  • Design, secure and control RESTful and SOAP APIs on-premises or in the cloud
  • Take advantage of multiple development languages and frameworks

Develop mobile applications

Integration between API Connect and the IBM MobileFirst platform gives developers an open, comprehensive foundation to develop, test, secure and manage mobile applications.

  • Provide a rich, personalized user experience on mobile devices
  • Improve APIs based on detailed insights about API usage

Simply put, API Connect allows API developers to focus on creating new applications, services, and APIs!

We plan on making API Connect available on March 15, 2016 with flexible pricing for your various needs. We will tell you more about it in coming weeks. To get details about how API Connect can help you be more productive and reduce dependence on IT as well as shorten development cycles, visit:


As always, you can get started with LoopBack to quickly create dynamic end-to-end REST APIs and try the current version of IBM API Management if you are ready to start managing your APis.