Editor’s Note: This month we are introducing you to IBM’s StrongLoop Developer Evangelist team. While they are usually quite busy attending events, hosting webinars, and putting together content about LoopBack and IBM’s API Connect, we managed to get them to write about themselves and let us know more about them. Last time we introduced you to David Okun. Today we have Erin McKean sharing information about herself.

Ten things about Erin McKean, who joined the StrongLoop/IBM team back in October:


picture credit: CC-BY George Hall

  1. Erin has a BA and MA in linguistics from the University of Chicago and once gave a talk about the Linguistics of Javascript. (She took one programming class in college: “Computer Programming as a Liberal Art.”)

  2. Erin’s favorite kind of coding is writing unit tests. (She also enjoys setting up continuous-integration pipelines more than is strictly healthy.)

  3. Erin once worked in a fairly obscure programming language called Omnimark, and then switched to the less-obscure Perl, before becoming enamored with Javascript.

  4. Erin has far too many dumb joke Twitterbots, including Chronomoteuse and SheIsSpoke.

  5. Erin is the founder of Wordnik.com, the world’s biggest online dictionary. She runs it in her spare time … and is rewriting the Wordnik APIs using LoopBack! (Fun fact: Tony Tam, Wordnik’s technical co-founder, is the creator of Swagger.)

  6. Erin’s favorite thing about LoopBack is how many databases you can use it with. You never have to choose, you can use them all! (Within reason …)

  7. Erin’s other time- and space-consuming hobby is sewing; she makes her own dresses and blogs about it (intermittently) at dressaday.com.

  8. Erin wrote a novel that is being made into a movie in Australia.

  9. Erin is the founder of the Semicolon Appreciation Society. If you see her at a conference or meetup, ask her for a Semicolon Appreciation Society sticker!

  10. Erin is working on LoopBack tutorials that include testing, continuous integration, and deployment instructions, so that you can have useful sample projects to play with!

You can follow Erin on Twitter (@emckean) or Github (emckean). More random info is available here, and feel free to email Erin questions about LoopBack, dresses, or semicolons at erin.mckean@ibm.com.