“In the Loop” provides a monthly rundown of some interesting news, updates or opinions for Node.js, OpenAPI Spec, Microgateway, LoopBack and other open source solutions. We list them in no particular order, and any opinions expressed in the linked posts do not necessarily reflect those of the StrongLoop or IBM team.

eBay Provides OpenAPI Specification (OAS) for All its RESTful Public APIs

eBay recently announced that they are leveraging the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) for all of its RESTful public APIs.


More Than A Billion Downloads of Node.js

The application platform known as Node.js surpassed one billion downloads and is now officially a part of the three comma club.


Node.js Foundation Field Guide: Building APIs

Learn the dos and don’ts in using Node.js to build APIs in this downloadable field guide.


How to Hire a Node.js Developer

Need a Node.js developer, but don’t know what to look for? Keep reading to learn how to hire the best developers for your team!


What Does Microsoft’s GitHub Acquisition Mean For The Developer Community?

In a move that seems to have divided the developer community, Microsoft recently announced that it has acquired popular open-source development platform GitHub.


Top 5 IDEs and code editors for Node.js

JAXenter shares their five favorite IDEs and text editors for Node.js.


Something for Everyone at APIStrat 2018

APIStrat 2018 is just a month away and the lineup opens up opportunities for practitioners across not only the entirety of the API lifecycle but all levels of technical expertise as well.


JS Interactive is Now Node+JS Interactive - Updates and Lineup

The line up for Node+JS Interactive (previously called JSInteractive) covers progressive web apps, AI, community and developers, serverless, and much more. Find the current lineup here:


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