“In the Loop” provides a monthly rundown of some interesting news, updates or opinions for Node.js, OpenAPI Spec, Microgateway, LoopBack and other open source solutions. We list them in no particular order, and any opinions expressed in the linked posts do not necessarily reflect those of the StrongLoop or IBM team.

The Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation Announce an Intent to Merge

Check out this message from the Board of Directors for both the Node.js and JS Foundations and a FAQ around the announcement.


RESTful API Design - The Basics

In this article, Tamas Piros takes a look at some of the basics of API design, in the context of Node.js and Express.


Defining Roles-based Security ACLs and Supporting Multitenancy in the Node.js LoopBack Framework

Steve Drucker recently announced that they are leveraging the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) for all of its RESTful public APIs.


Node.js vs PHP: Which is the Best Server Side Environment

Shrikant Srivastava looks at how the two environments stack up against each other.


Big Companies Are Using Node.js For Their Apps, Why Aren’t You?

Akash Singh Chauhan lists A-type companies and leaders of the markets using the Node.js for their money-making apps.


NODE.JS FOUNDATION FIELD GUIDE: The Dos and Don’ts in Using Node.js to Build APIs

This guide explains how to use Node.js to build APIs, and why and where it is appropriate to do so. Several short case studies are also included to further illustrate real-world use.


The Definitive Node.js Handbook

Developer and freeCodeCamp camper Flavio Copes has published his entire Node.js Handbook online for free - both on freeCodeCamp’s Medium publication and as a .pdf file.


Video: How to Create an API in 20 Minutes with LoopBack

In this Youtube video, Faisal Noor demonstrates how to build an API using LoopBack.


Video: React, LoopBack & MongoDB

Lintang Wisesa presents a simple full stack web development project using React (Front-end), Loopback (Back-end) & MongoDB (Database). Just a simple flow: on React, user can post & get the data from MongoDB.


Video: OASGraph and LoopBack 4 Integration

Mario Estrada provides an unofficial guide to integrate the OASGraph library inside a LoopBack 4 application. This extends it to speak GraphQL without touching any business logic in the Controllers, Models, Repositories or Datasources.


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