“In the Loop” provides a monthly rundown of some interesting news, updates or opinions for Node.js, OpenAPI Spec, Microgateway, LoopBack and other open source solutions. We list them in no particular order, and any opinions expressed in the linked posts do not necessarily reflect those of the StrongLoop or IBM team.

Loopback + Ionic/Angular — Web Application Development Setup

Ever thought of having a solid initial code set up for your personal projects? Kishore says that if the answer is yes, using LoopBack for your projects will be a very good starting point making your development timelines reduce drastically.


The OpenAPI Initiative’s Technical Steering Committee Releases OASv3.0.2

The members of the OpenAPI Initiative Technical Steering Committee have announced the latest release of OpenAPI Specification 3.0.2. Note: This release is a patch release and none of these modifications change the behavior of the spec.


TypeScript Documentation

LoopBack 4 has a brand new LoopBack core written in TypeScript/ES2017 for great extensibility and flexibility. Check out TypeScript’s documentation to learn more about this open-source programming language.


OpenAPI Generator Contribution Quickstart - RingCentral Go SDK

John Wang covers his approach to making changes and contributing them back to the OpenAPI Generator project used to generate the Go SDK for RingCentral.


LoopBack 4 Database Configuration

Mikael von Ketelhodt outlines some ways of configuring a LoopBack 4 application against a database across multiple development environments (dev, test and production).


October Brings Node.js 10.x to LTS and Node.js 11 to Current!

October is always a busy month for the Node.js Project. The Node Foundation gives you the details on what they achieved.


Geek of the Week: A ‘Nerd Through and Through,’

Gail Frederick leads Portland eBay office and API focus.


Our Perspective on the Node.js and JavaScript Foundations Merge Discussions

IBM’s Michael Dawson and Joe Sepi, both of whom are actively involved in the community and the project, share their perspectives on this announcement.


(VIDEOS) Node+JS Interactive 2018 Video Playlist

The event videos for Node+JS Interactive are online and ready for viewing.


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