Happy 2019! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. We’re happy to welcome you back with “In the Loop”! Here’s a rundown of the past month’s interesting news, updates or opinions for Node.js, OpenAPI Spec, Microgateway, LoopBack and other open source solutions. We list them in no particular order, and any opinions expressed in the linked posts do not necessarily reflect those of the StrongLoop or IBM team.

It’s Time For Every API to Have an OpenAPI Spec

OpenAPI has largely become the de facto description format in REST API development. In this post, Abhinav Asthana explains how API definitions are being used and some ways they can improve your organization when you fully build upon them.


The State of the Octoverse: new open source projects in 2018

The GitHub blog pulled the top projects open sourced in 2018 by the number of stars the project received in its first 28 days being public and by the number of unique contributors to the project in the first 28 days being public.


Nick Heath shares how code repository service GitHub has shed light on what’s fuelling the continued interest in JavaScript.


How to use NodeJS without frameworks and external libraries

Aditya Sridhar shows how to build Simple REST API’s with NodeJS using only those functionalities that are provided with NodeJS itself.


Building Your Own Internet of Things Using JavaScript

Ziran Sun helps you build a simple end-to-end IoT system, from constrained devices to a secure gateway.


npm Announces 2019 Predictions for JavaScript

npm, Inc., which runs the world’s largest software registry and maintains the ‘npm’ software development tool, today announced JavaScript predictions for 2019 and beyond.


Adding Kubernetes Deployment and Scaling to a Dockerized LoopBack App

Remko de Knikker shows how to deploy a FDIC API application to a Kubernetes cluster using a deployment with autoscaling.


What Next?

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