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The ABCs of APIs: Developers Are Migrating to API-Based Workflows

Nadine Krefetz explains how APIs make it easier to use best-of-breed tools that connect disparate software applications and platforms. They’ve also changed the way video developers create new products.


Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation Intent to Merge Update — November 2018

Get the latest information regarding the intent to merge both foundations.


Will GraphQL Become a Standard for the New Data Economy?

Alex Woodie looks at GraphQL, the new language that could radically simplify how developers use APIs to get data into applications, and potentially provide a graph-like alternative to procedural REST.


Node.js Everywhere with Environment Variables!

Both John Papa and you know it’s important that apps also work everywhere they need to run. This could be on your colleagues’ computers, internal company servers, cloud servers, or inside of a container (maybe using Docker). Enter environment variables.


What is the MEAN stack?

Serdar Yegulalp from InfoWorld describes the web application stack powered by MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js leverages JavaScript from top to bottom.


Facebook’s GraphQL Gets Its Own Open-Source Foundation

Frederic Lardinois gives details about GraphQL, the Facebook -incubated data query language, moving into its own open-source foundation.


LoopBack 4 Database Configuration

Mikael von Ketelhodt compares the differences between configuring a database datasource against a LoopBack 3 and LoopBack 4 application and how to set up configuration against various environments.


The Linux Foundation Announces Intent to Form New Foundation to Support GraphQL

Emily Olin reports that Airbnb, Apollo, Coursera, Elementl, Facebook, GitHub, Hasura, Prisma, Shopify, and Twitter are working together to accelerate GraphQL adoption and invite others to join this new initiative.


VIDEO: You Should Be Using Loopback 4

Code Jam Ninja provides several reasons why you should be using LoopBack 4.


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