StrongLoop’s history is tied to Node.js, as is LoopBack, the highly-extensible, open-source Node.js framework that’s ideal for APIs. With a 2x growth rate, Node.js has skyrocketed in popularity as more and more enterprises rely on its fast start up speed and quick time to value for efficient development. Despite rapid growth in the community, enterprises still need support and security when developing and deploying Node.js applications. Therefore, IBM recently enhanced its Node.js support and added support for LoopBack and Express. It’s called IBM Foundation Support for Runtimes.

What’s offered?

IBM Foundation Support for Runtimes provides coverage for Node.js, Swift and Java. Support is available for the Node.js 6 & 8 LTS binaries from the community and the IBM SDK for Node.js, which includes the open sourced App Metrics monitoring framework.

The Node.js runtime support is available regardless of which modules you are using within your application. Support is available for wherever you want to deploy the runtime: whether that’s on your own machines or in the cloud, and whether that’s IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Heroku or somewhere else.

IBM Advanced Support for Runtimes expands on Foundation Support, providing additional coverage for the Express.js, Loopback, and Kitura (Swift framework) frameworks as well as the packages on which they rely.

How to purchase

These offerings provide you with the majority of what you need in order to be able to create, deploy, monitor and scale production-grade web applications and mobile back ends using Node.js. Visit IBM’s marketplace to learn more.

What’s Next?

Check out this IBM Support for Runtimes FAQ.

Learn about LoopBack, our highly-extensible, open-source Node.js framework - ideal for APIs.