APIStrat takes place October 31 through to November 2nd in Portland, Oregon and is hosted by the Open API Initiative and The Linux Foundation. IBM is excited to be a Platinum Sponsor, and we’re looking forward to engaging with you. IBM continues to build our partnership with the Open API community, enhancing and growing our integrations and exploring new opportunities for development. APIStrat logo

The API Strategy & Practice Conference - better known as APIStrat - is in its eighth year. The event gives attendees opportunities to learn and discuss the API economy and all related things. The event homepage provides a fuller description:

“The API Strategy & Practice Conference provides a forum in which leaders in the API sector can gather to discuss successes and challenges they face while executing their own API strategy. The API community comes together to hear these stories, participate, and discuss what is needed to move forward, in order to ensure the healthiest and most vibrant API sector possible.”

There are several great sessions and opportunities to learn, and we wanted to highlight some from the StrongLoop and IBM team:

The StrongLoop and IBM team will be there, including some of our Developer Advocates. Make sure you visit our booth during the technology showcase to talk about the real challenges facing coders today and grab some swag. We also recommend visiting the Open API Initiative booth to learn how you can utilize OpenAPI Spec V3 for the full API lifecycle.

You can register for the event here!

What Next?

  • Learn about three projects that provide key technologies for the API economy: LoopBack; API Microgateway, and; OpenAPI Spec.