This is an important week for the OpenAPI Initiative! We want to congratulate the Initiative for their third birthday and that of OpenAPI Spec, its open source and vendor neutral REST API description format! Officially the birthday was Monday, November 5th, but as far as we are concerned, they deserve a week to celebrate!

At IBM, the LoopBack team and framework has been a longtime advocate and adopter of open API standards, so we embraced OpenAPI Spec for our API creation experience. LoopBack4 supports a complete OpenAPI V3 experience - bottom up (code first) and top down (spec first).

Open API Spec / Open API Initiative

With LoopBack 4, developers can create APIs and decorate them with OpenAPI 3.0.x compatible metadata. We’ve also introduced the lb4 openapi command which can generate LoopBack 4 controllers and models that expose APIs conforming to the OpenAPI specification. You can find out more about how easy it is to create REST APIs in Node.js from an OpenAPI specification using LoopBack 4 here.

Janny Hou also demonstrated how to achieve fundamental validations for HTTP requests with LoopBack 4 and OpenAPI Spec in this blog post.

Finally, we were proud to announce OASGraph, which is a GraphQL Wrapper for REST APIs. Written in TypeScript, OASGraph creates a fully functional GraphQL wrapper for existing REST(-like) APIs, described by an Open API Specification (OAS) or Swagger.

To stay current with what the OpenAPI Initiative is doing, or to get information on joining and contributing, visit their homepage. You can find the full OpenAPI Specification here.

We look forward to seeing continued evolution of both the Initiative and the Spec!