After taking a break for summer holidays, the HackerJS Meetup is gearing up for its next meeting! If you are near Santa Clara, California and want to share or brush up on your Node and JS skills then we’d love to see you there! Join us Wednesday, September 11 at Santa Clara’s Hacker Dojo.

Meetup - September 11 at Hacker Dojo!

HackerJS is a NodeJS & JavaScript community meetup group that connects on the second Wednesday of each month. Whether you are a newbie or expert, the group strives to have a mix of beginner and advanced talks.

We’re excited for September’s first talk and still finalizing the second one. (It’s worth mentioning that if you are local to Santa Clara and want to present a session, please contact the meetup crew via their page.

“Building a Centralized Log Management Framework”

Faazil Shaikh

Discover what a log is! We’ll talk about syslog as a standard and system, its variants and the challenges of building of a centralized logging system and why small web applications should be collecting all of this valuable data. We will also discuss the design of centralized logging systems and cover the various types of solution within this space. Finally, we’ll chat about how these ideas helped form Crato.

Crato is an easy-to-use full-stack log management framework for small web apps. Crato Client is a Bash application on the client side that forwards logs to a central server. Crato is a centralized log management system built using Rsyslog, Node.JS, Apache Kafka, AWS S3 and InfluxDB. Crato Core processes, enriches the log and delivers it ultimately to AWS S3 and InfluxDB.

Faazil Shaikh is a software engineer with experience in full-stack web applications, building with JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, React, and NodeJS.

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