LoopBack 4 applications can now run on IBM Cloud with some minimal code changes and configurations. We have created a tutorial to help you get started. Go through it if you want to get experience deploying your application on IBM Cloud’s Cloud Foundry.

The tutorial covers configuring your application to use a local instance of Cloudant for the datasource when running locally, and a provisioned Cloudant sevice when the application is deployed to IBM Cloud.

Eventually we plan to support a much more seamless ability to deploy to IBM Cloud Kubernetes by generating the required artifacts and enabling built-in service discovery and integration. The implementation details will be worked out from the findings from this spike issue.

Deploying to IBM Cloud Kuberenetes will give you access to a wide array of services and capabilities that are desired for production-grade application deployment, you can learn more about it at https://www.ibm.com/cloud/container-service.

What’s Next?