IBM InterConnect Wrap Up

Last week IBM held its InterConnect event in Las Vegas, Nevada bringing together many different IBM groups, partners, vendors, and customers to talk about a wide array of technologies. The StrongLoop crew was in force the entire week including numerous presentations and demos. Our very own CEO, now VP of Interaction Services, Juan Carlos Soto was up on stage for the general session on Tuesday running a live demo of API Connect including creating an API model and deploying the application on the fly! Various other members of the StrongLoop team presented on topics such as building APIs with LoopBack, pitfalls of the Node.js API, comparing Node and Java, and how to build out a microservice architecture. We also had clients sharing their experiences with LoopBack and StrongLoop and journeys into the API economy! There were stories of trials with Node.js and also success stories in creating new business models to disrupt their competitors.

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StrongLoop Wraps Up 2015 – and What a Year It Has Been!

2015 was an important year for StrongLoop as we became an IBM company. We proudly built a stronger path for developers to rapidly build and deliver APIs for mobile, IoT and web apps! Read on to see how 2015 treated StrongLoop.

StrongLoop began 2015 having just launched StrongLoop Arc, which provided a powerful single UI for developers to use Node.js to design APIs, integrate them with new and legacy data and services, build and deploy highly scalable apps, and take advantage of DevOps features such as performance monitoring and profiling. It was a first for the industry, offering a complete and unmatched API solution.           

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StrongLoop, Argon and Node.js v5

And here we were, guard relaxed, Node.js v4 was out and compatibility was looking nice and green on CI. Customers and clients were re-assured and all was serene. And then comes along Node.js v5. We can already hear your question: “Wait! What? Should we upgrade?” with eyebrows raised… So here is a bit of the story, but bottom line: for Production usage, and StrongLoop support, keep using Node.js v4, also named Argon.

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