Introducing IBM Node.js Tools for Eclipse Beta

IBM has recently added a lightweight collection of tools in Eclipse, enabling Node.js developers to rapidly build and deploy JavaScript applications targeting the Node.js environment.

Complimenting the existing IBM offerings, such as Bluemix tools for Eclipse and Websphere Developer Tools for Enterterprise Java Development, the Node.js tools for Eclipse provide:

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A New Day for Express!

By James M. Snell (@jasnell) and C. Rand McKinney (@crandmck)

As of this week, the Express project has a new home as an incubating top-level project under the Node.js Foundation. As part of this transition, the source repository has been moved to the expressjs GitHub organization where many of its closely-related middleware modules already reside. We are excited by this move as it further establishes Express’s position as a community-owned project that has become incredibly popular in the Node world.
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Best Practices for Express in Production, Part Two: Performance and Reliability

by Hage Yaapa and C. Rand McKinney

This is a two-part blog series about some best practices for running Express applications in production. The first part was about security, and this second part focuses on performance and reliability.  It assumes you are already familiar with the basics of Node.js and web development practices and covers topics and concepts especially relevant to the production environment.

If you haven’t already, be sure to also read Part 1 on security!
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