Webinar: Customizing Loopback – Integrating More Modules

We have a new webinar coming up on Tuesday, February 21st – how to customize LoopBack by integrating more modules!

LoopBack is a fantastic tool for generating a RESTful web API, and to have it up and running in no time. We’ll spend some time showing you how to take what’s generated, and step through a couple of real-life scenarios that allow you to expand your server with other Node.js modules.
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Node Interactive North America Wrap-Up

We’re back from Node Interactive North America in Austin (and full of Texas BBQ, thanks to the lovely folks at Jo’s Coffee) and boy howdy, did we have a great time.

There was a lot to learn at this year’s NINA — if you missed a few sessions, you can see the recorded talks here! — but there were some consistent themes throughout the event that stood out.


First off, diversity was a first-class citizen at NINA—well before the conference, Tracy Hinds, the education community manager of the Node.js Foundation, shared a long post on Medium outlining the community’s commitment to a safe, inclusive, respectful, and enjoyable event for all. Tuesday kicked off bright and early with the Diversity Coffee Talk (sponsored by IBM and Intel):
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Webinar: Build Simple Search APIs with LoopBack and ElasticSearch

We have a new webinar coming up on December 20th – how to build simple search APIs with LoopBack and Elasticsearch!


Erin McKean (Lead Developer Evangelist, IBM Cloud) is the webinar speaker and will demonstrate how to use LoopBack to help you build APIs to take advantage of the search capabilities of Elasticsearch. Erin explained what else people could expect from the webinar:

“Although Elasticsearch has a built-in RESTful API, it can be tricky to secure and you may not want to expose details to your users. Using LoopBack, we’ll show how to build a simple limited API connecting to Elasticsearch that still takes advantage of its powerful search capabilities.”

When: December 20, 2016
Virtual door opens at 12:45 pm EST
Webcast starts at 1:00 pm EST

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