Introducing API Microgateway: a Programmable Open Source Gateway for your APIs

As API developers, we’re tasked with not only building a good, feature-rich API, but also ensuring it can stand up to rigors of a production environment. Frameworks like LoopBack make developing APIs incredibly easy. On the flip side, products like API Connect help move those APIs safely into production.

So when do you need an API management product like API Connect? For many reasons, but all of the reasons have one thing in common: you need a gateway. Gateways serve as a proxy between the internet and the microservice(s) running your API. Imagine for a moment you’ve built a simple API in LoopBack to return a list of cats. Great. But now you want to add a layer of authentication and rate limiting to that API. That means setting up a process to generate keys for API consumers as well as actually checking those keys on every call. For rate limiting, you’ll need a way to record how often a person has used your API and ensure they don’t go over their defined limits.

Most likely you don’t want to add all this code to your simple API. Great! This is where a gateway, available in API Connect, comes in handy. You get all the features I mentioned above (plus many more), nicely separated away from your microservice architecture. Read more