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What’s New in the LoopBack Node.js Framework – June 2015

Curious what new developments are happening with the LoopBack project? Here’s a curated selection of the most important changes that have been made to LoopBack in the past few weeks. LoopBack Core Enable Auth We changed app.enableAuth to automatically setup all required models not attached to the app nor a datasource. The purpose of this […]

Introducing StrongLoop’s Unopinionated Node.js Pub/Sub

Unopinionated, Node.js powered Publish – Subscribe for mobile, IoT and the browser. There are many ways to push data from a Node app to another app (written in Node, the browser, or other platforms and languages). Several frameworks have arisen around the vague term “realtime” to provide features along these lines. Strong-pubsub is a library […]

Open Source Replication and Offline Sync for Node.js and Devices

Today, StrongLoop is excited to announce support for replication and offline synchronization in our LoopBack API framework. What makes this unique is that it is completely open source and powered by Node.js. Loopback is an open source API framework written in Node.js used to connect mobile devices to enterprise datasources. This new functionality is available for […]