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An Example of Using Environment Configuration in LoopBack

One of the more interesting features of LoopBack I’ve been meaning to take a look at is its support for “environment configuration”. This is a fancy way of saying “configuration based on environment.” I’m still a Node newbie, but this is something I’ve done myself for a while now. Once again, LoopBack really shines here […]

Introducing Raymond Camden – Cat Person who Occasionally Evangelizes

Editor’s Note: This month we’ve been introducing you to IBM’s StrongLoop Developer Evangelist team. While they are usually quite busy attending events, hosting webinars, and putting together content about LoopBack and IBM’s API Connect, we managed to get them to write about themselves and let us know more about them. We’ve already told you about […]

Working with LoopBack Authentication and Authorization

One of LoopBack’s core features is the ability to lock down access to your APIs and define exactly who can do what with your data. LoopBack provides multiple tools to make this easy, but it’s helpful to see a real (although simple) application demonstrating the complete process of securing your APIs. In this post I’ll demonstrate how […]

Working with File Storage and LoopBack

Update for March, 2017: One of the things I mention at the very end of this article is how file uploads will overwrite each other if they use the same name. I fixed this with a pull request that was accepted a few days ago. By using a new configuration option, nameConflict:makeUnique, files will automatically […]