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Systematic Data Design in JavaScript – Featuring Three Data Types

In the previous article, we discussed systematic function design: a test, example, and documentation-driven approach to designing functions using the HtDP methodology. In this post, we are exploring systematic data design in JavaScript. In this three-part series, we are covering systematic design as it applies to: Functions Data Worlds Let’s now turn our attention to […]

Systematic Function Design in JavaScript

Habits can be damning or liberating. Perhaps you are like me. I know having tests, examples, and documentation are good things for any program but why do they always seem to be an afterthought? Wouldn’t it be great to have a coding methodology that propels me to write well-documented and tested programs that are easy […]

Promises in Node.js – An Alternative to Callbacks

Promises are a compelling alternative to callbacks when dealing with asynchronous code. Unfortunately, promises can be confusing and perhaps you’ve written them off. However, significant work has been done to bring out the essential beauty of promises in a way that is interoperable and verifiable. The result is Promises/A+, a specification that has made its way into […]

Surviving ECMAScript 6

I recently watched an insightful talk from Rob Pike where he shared his experience attending Lang.Next, a conference focusing on new and upcoming trends in programming languages. While there, Rob noticed how many presenters focused on things they were adding to their respective languages. This concerned him because languages were becoming more complex and similar […]