Last month, we proudly announced IBM API Connect, an API management solution with a built-in gateway, allowing you to create, run, manage, and secure APIs and Microservices.

Today we are just as proudly announce that API Connect has arrived!

As we explained in our original announcement:

API Connect is the first of its kind: a unified end-to-end API management solution that enables the automated creation of APIs, simplified discovery of systems of records, self-service access for internal and third party developers and built-in security and governance. It’s built for hybrid cloud environments, so you can place it wherever your API runs best!

If you’ve used StrongLoop tools in the past, we expect you to be able to comfortably get on board with API Connect. And if you are new to API tools, we think the unified management console will help make your job much easier in managing four key areas of the API lifecycle:


You can create high-quality, scalable and secure APIs for application servers, databases, enterprise service buses (ESB) and mainframes in minutes.



Take advantage of integrated tooling to build, debug and deploy APIs and microservices using Node.js or Java.


Create and manage portals that allow developers to quickly discover and consume APIs and securely access enterprise data, and monitor APIs to improve performance.

APIC Manage


Administrators can manage security and governance over APIs and the microservices. IT can set and enforce API policies to secure back-end information assets and comply with governance and regulatory mandates.

APIC Secure

We’ve also compiled some FAQs regarding API Connect and StrongLoop products and services to provide answers about what this new product means for you.

Finally, we have a webinar scheduled for March 23rd. Find out details and register for “StrongLoop to API Connect: the Evolution here!

Ready to get started with IBM API Connect? Just follow these steps!