The IBM API Connect team has been busy!  In March, IBM API Connect v5 was delivered, and since then we’ve made several updates and additions. Alan Ogilvie provided a thorough rundown in the IBM developerWorks forums, and we are pleased to present some of the highlights:

API Connect_logoWe made it even easier to use API Connect on Bluemix, simplifying the “getting started” experience by adding a step-by-step Guided Tour approach to import APIs, package and publish to Bluemix, and explore and test that API. The addition of Analytics provides insight into how your API is being used.

  • Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Windows Live, GitHub or Slack accounts can be used to access the Developer Portal. Or, if you have your own LDAP registry, you can use that too.
  • We added C and C# code snippets to the examples in the Developer Portal.
  • We made our assembly feature even cooler by making it easier to design conditional logic in your API flows, so we added a new ‘switch’ policy.
  • We improved the integration of SOAP services in API Connect.
  • We added the ability to define multiple rate limits (calls ‘per second’, ‘per minute’, ‘per hour’, ‘per day’ and ‘per week’) and the ability to define “burst limits” (calls ‘per second’ or ‘per minute’).
  • OpenAPI (Swagger 2.0) is a key technology supported by API Connect, so we made it even easier to create OpenAPI extensions from within the API Designer graphical editor.

Want to know more? Check out the full “API Connect – better than ever!” post on developerWorks for full details!