We’re pleased to announce that IBM and StrongLoop are working with Mobile Monday for their upcoming three day hackathon event in San Francisco! Running from September 8-10, this event provides the challenge of the “API-First Hackathon with IBM Watson, Strongloop & Bluemix”. Are you up for that challenge? If so, there is $7,000 worth of prizes up for grabs, as well as a TJBot Watson Maker kit for the best use of LoopBack in the hackathon.

Wondering if you should take part? Well, the hackathon event page gives an overview of who should join in:

“Beginner or Pro Hacker. Alone or with a Team. Developer, Designer or Idea Person. All are welcome, join us for an awesome weekend of hacking with Watson, StrongLoop, and Bluemix.” API-First Hackathon with IBM Watson | Strongloop | Bluemix

Our IBM Evangelist Team will be there to provide support and see how attendees do with LoopBack and Watson. We’re excited to see the results!

You can register, read the schedule, and learn about requirements and eligibility here. Happy hacking!

What’s Next?

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