Examples of Validations for LoopBack Models

When working with LoopBack models, you can validate data before it gets persisted into your datastore multiple different ways. The documentation describes the various methods, but I wanted to play with it a bit and demonstrate a few examples.

To begin, let’s consider an example in which you’ve defined a model property with a particular type and you do not pass in the correct value. I’ve got a Cat model that includes a name (string), age (number), and color (string). None of these values are required (and this is important). What happens if I try to post a string value for age?

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API Connect Has Arrived!

Last month, we proudly announced IBM API Connect, an API management solution with a built-in gateway, allowing you to create, run, manage, and secure APIs and Microservices.

Today we are just as proudly announce that API Connect has arrived!

As we explained in our original announcement:

API Connect is the first of its kind: a unified end-to-end API management solution that enables the automated creation of APIs, simplified discovery of systems of records, self-service access for internal and third party developers and built-in security and governance. It’s built for hybrid cloud environments, so you can place it wherever your API runs best!
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Migrating a Legacy System to LoopBack (Even with Complicated Data!)

We know LoopBack makes it a breeze to create APIs that expose SQL & NoSQL databases (among others), but in real business environments, data isn’t always this tidy. As business systems develop over years, it’s not uncommon for information to be scattered across databases, flat files, or even third party servers outside of your control. Given a complex situation like this, is it still possible to build an API using LoopBack? Yes it is, and that’s just what we’ll do now! Read more

IBM InterConnect Wrap Up

Last week IBM held its InterConnect event in Las Vegas, Nevada bringing together many different IBM groups, partners, vendors, and customers to talk about a wide array of technologies. The StrongLoop crew was in force the entire week including numerous presentations and demos. Our very own CEO, now VP of Interaction Services, Juan Carlos Soto was up on stage for the general session on Tuesday running a live demo of API Connect including creating an API model and deploying the application on the fly! Various other members of the StrongLoop team presented on topics such as building APIs with LoopBack, pitfalls of the Node.js API, comparing Node and Java, and how to build out a microservice architecture. We also had clients sharing their experiences with LoopBack and StrongLoop and journeys into the API economy! There were stories of trials with Node.js and also success stories in creating new business models to disrupt their competitors.

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