Happy Holidays from StrongLoop

The StrongLoop team wishes you all a festive holiday season and a wonderful 2016. Happy holidays to each and every one of you, and happy New Year!

We may be a bit quieter than usual during the holidays, but we are looking forward to sharing some news and events in early 2016.

In the meantime, you can sign up for our three-part webinar series that will be held in January.

Tokyo NodeFest 2015

Several of my colleagues at StrongLoop spoke at Node.js Interactive 2015 last week. The sole platinum sponsor was IBM, which StrongLoop joined in September. This was similar to the support both companies provided at Node Summit US in February of 2015, during which StrongLoop was a gold sponsor and IBM was platinum. We are doing a big push in the US this year, but we are also tapping into the international Node.js community as well. One of our co-founders, Bert Belder, delivered a keynote address at Node.js Conference Italy in October. StrongLoop participated in NodeFest Tokyo 2015 in November. In this post, I’d like to talk about that and share what’s happening in Japan.

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What’s new in LoopBack: seven new developers and a ton of improvements

It has been an exciting three months since IBM’s acquisition of StrongLoop while we’ve been realizing the promise of additional resources and partnership with our new co-workers. The Loopback team has seven additional full-time developers contributing to the backlog, fixing bugs, enhancing the framework, and in general helping with Loopback.

The triage process has many more hands and we’ve made a dent in the ever-growing number of open issues…finally! Not only is the number of issues going down, but people are receiving help a lot more quickly. We now have measurable results; we have a total of 518 open issues as I write, down from 539 issues at the last “What’s New” blog. We’ve streamlined maintainer responsibilities and created dedicated repository experts to handle community issues and examples. The result is your questions get answered faster and your issues get fixed faster! Read more

StrongLoop Wraps Up 2015 – and What a Year It Has Been!

2015 was an important year for StrongLoop as we became an IBM company. We proudly built a stronger path for developers to rapidly build and deliver APIs for mobile, IoT and web apps! Read on to see how 2015 treated StrongLoop.

StrongLoop began 2015 having just launched StrongLoop Arc, which provided a powerful single UI for developers to use Node.js to design APIs, integrate them with new and legacy data and services, build and deploy highly scalable apps, and take advantage of DevOps features such as performance monitoring and profiling. It was a first for the industry, offering a complete and unmatched API solution.           

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StrongLoop’s 2015 predictions: how did we do?

Last year around this time, Issac Roth, one of StrongLoop’s founders and its Chief Product Officer, made some predictions for 2015. How did he do? We present his predictions below, as well as a look at how accurate they were.

Node core governance stabilizing.

HIT! With the creation of the Node.js Foundation, Node core is in good hands. Both IBM and StrongLoop are part of the foundation, whose mission is “to enable widespread adoption and help accelerate development of Node.js and other related modules through an open governance model that encourages participation, technical contribution, and a framework for long-term stewardship by an ecosystem invested in Node.js’ success.”

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