Collaboration not Derision in the Node Community

Here’s what I learned from my mentors: If someone makes a mistake, or does something you don’t think is right, you talk to them about it privately and give them the opportunity to correct it.

This not only gets the mistake corrected, but it offers a learning moment to the person, increases their understanding, and keeps them “on board” with the overall project. As a leader you’re being empathetic to that person and offering them benefit of the doubt. Often they aren’t being malicious they just don’t understand why something should be done a certain way. Why not teach them? Put yourself in their shoes and ask, “What do I know that this person doesn’t know, which would cause me to act like them in this situation if I didn’t know it.” That’s the very definition of empathy. Public shaming elicits people’s fight/flight response and it’s hard for them to learn in this state which is why a private consultation is more effective.

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StrongLoop Weekly Wrap-Up – November 29

As the work week draws to a close, we wanted to summarize this week’s stories:

Node.js News Round-Up – November 26, 2013

Dave Whiteley summarizes the week in Node.js news, including updates, tutorials and commentaries we’ve seen online.

Creating Desktop Applications With node-webkit

Mike Cantelon tells us about the node-webkit project, an attempt to take the pain out of offline single-page application development.

Using Node.js for Static Sites: Jade

Jed Wood teaches you how to use Jade to create a static site, plus provides some useful resources.

Node.js support in Visual Studio? You bet your IDE

Grant Shipley gives the scoop on how to install and configure Node.js and Visual Studio on the Windows operating system.

StrongLoop is Going to Cultivate

The StrongLoop team will be attending Cultivate on December 5th and we encourage you to go as well is you are in the SF area.

Mobile News Round-up – November 28, 2013

Matt Schmulen provides a summary of some of the more interesting mobile software stack news, tutorials and commentaries he’s seen online.

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Mobile News Round-up – November 28, 2013

Welcome to our latest mobile summary of the week, covering November 22 through to November 27. Every week this time we will look at mobile software stack news, tutorials and commentaries we’ve seen online.

Pros and Cons of the Top 5 Cross-Platform Tools

DeveloperEconomics dissects the top 5 Cross-Platform tools (PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Adobe AIR, Sencha, Qt) by popularity and effectiveness.

Survey Shows BlackBerry’s BBM Beating WhatsApp And SnapChat In Key Markets

Distimo’s message app survey shows BlackBerry Messenger app was the most downloaded messaging app in UK and India.

CascadiaJS 2013 – Kevin Whinnery – JavaScript as a First-Class Citizen on iOS 7

Kevin Whinnery of Twillio shows the possibilities of developing native apps with JavaScript and what developers need to know to take advantage of JavaScriptCore bindings in iOS7.

Why I Don’t Recommend Xamarin for Mobile Development

Software architect Lee Whitney outlines some of the liabilities of the Xamarin mobile tool chain for cross platform mobile development.

The Definitive Guide to Angular on Mobile

The guide provides interaction, installation and development workflow when building mobile-ready Angular apps for both Cordova and responsive web.

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StrongLoop is Going to Cultivate

StrongLoop will be attending Cultivate at the Good Eggs Hub in San Francisco on Thursday, December 5, 2013.

Node.js and libuv core commiter Bert Belder will provide an overview of the new features slated for Node.js v0.12. He will also share his “Tasks” concept, aimed at making callbacks work better.

In addition to Bert, there will also be a talk by Erin Swenson-Healey from Carbon Five as well as lightning talks.

There are still tickets available for this event – just visit the meetup page to register.

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Node.js support in Visual Studio? You bet your IDE

Editor’s Note: If you experience problems installing or configuring StrongLoop components, please make sure to check the documentation and the Getting Started page for the most current instructions.

It should come as no surprise to you that Node.js is quickly becoming recognized as a powerful and performant programming language.  It seems like every week a new corporate behemoth is moving at least some parts of their application infrastructure over to node.  Last week was no exception with Microsoft throwing its weight behind the language by releasing support for Node.js inside of its popular integrated development environment called Visual Studio.

Developers seem to either love or hate Visual Studio and this comes down mainly to the application that they are trying to write. For instance, most .NET developers absolutely love Visual Studio and others seem to prefer a lighter weight approach to IDE(s) with many preferring sublimetext. In this blog post, we will take a look at the Node.js integration with Visual Studio which in turn may intrigue you enough to take a look at this IDE for node.js development.

Given that a lot of node.js developers may not have experience with Visual Studio or even Windows for that matter, this post will also cover the installation and configuration of node.js and Visual Studio on the Windows operating system.

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