LoopBack 4 July 2020 Milestone Update

by Agnes Lin - Aug 5, 2020

We can’t believe that it is already August! Let’s check out the work we did in July:


Making Your Contribution Process Simpler - Switching from CLA to DCO

by Diana Lau - Jul 29, 2020

Since the beginning of the LoopBack project, we have been using the Contributor License Agreement (CLA) as the contribution method. Contributors need to sign each CLA for each LoopBack repository they’re contributing. To simplify the contribution process and encourage community contributions, we are planning to gradually switch to use Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) as the contribution method.


Community Q&A Monthly Digest - Jun 2020

by Diana Lau - Jul 16, 2020

Welcome back to the “Community Q&A Monthly Digest”, in which we highlight some of the questions and answers in our LoopBack Slack community here.


LoopBack 4 2020 Q2 Overview

by Agnes Lin - Jul 14, 2020

Over the recent months, this global pandemic has affected our lives in different ways; we hope you all stay safe during these difficult times. The LoopBack team has adapted to new ways of working, including virtually and in new settings. Even though it could be challenging sometimes, we are glad that we were able to complete most of our Q2 plan. Thanks to all the support from the team and the community!

Here’s a brief look at the Q2 summary:


LoopBack 4 June 2020 Milestone Update

by Hage Yaapa , Miroslav Bajtoš - Jul 8, 2020

Documentation restructuring, TypeORM support, and HasManyThrough were the three main accomplishments in the month of June. Based on the community feedback, documentation improvement remains our number one priority in the coming month. Besides, while welcoming Nathan Chen join as a maintainer of the strong-globalize repo, we said farewell to Deepak.

Here is what we did in the month June: