My Firsts at NodeSummit 2018

by Taranveer Virk - Aug 16, 2018

During the week of July 23-27, I experienced several firsts at NodeSummit.

It was my first ever NodeSummit as both an attendee and a speaker (I delivered a talk on The Art of Composability and Extensibility: Crafting a Foundation for Node.js Frameworks / Applications in TypeScript). This was also my first opportunity to meet Miroslav Bajtos (@bajtos on GitHub) in person since having joined the team over a year ago. NodeSummit ran their first ever Training Days (which I was able to attend).

Keep reading to learn more about my talk, NodeSummit experience and other firsts.


Join IBM and StrongLoop at APIStrat

by Dave Whiteley - Aug 14, 2018

APIStrat takes place September 24 - 26 in Nashville, Tennessee - just a month away! Hosted by the Open API Initiative and The Linux Foundation, this event provides opportunities to learn and discuss the API economy and all related things.


LoopBack 4 July 2018 Milestone Update

by Kyu Shim - Aug 7, 2018

As the temperature hits an all-time high across the world, our team at LoopBack is also hitting some high numbers with our progress on LoopBack 4! In the month of July, we were able to finish and release Developer Preview #3 for LoopBack 4 as well as do some maintenance work for our other LoopBack repositories.

As always, our plan and progress can be checked out in our milestone issue. Please read on if you are curious for some insider details on our latest big release as well as what else has been happening over the summer.


LoopBack Adopts Module LTS Policy

by Miroslav Bajtoš - Aug 2, 2018

TL:DR; LoopBack is joining the recently announced Module LTS initiative and aligns the long-term support terms with Node.js LTS versions.


LoopBack 4 Model Relations Preview

by Biniam Admikew - Jul 25, 2018

Often times, LoopBack models are used to represent real life entities. As such, LoopBack is able to understand how those entities interact with each other with its concepts of relations. While this feature is alive and well in LoopBack 3, LoopBack 4 now has the infrastructure in place to understand relations between models and supports the hasMany relationship. Read on to see how we have taken a new look at relations in LoopBack 4!