In the Loop - July 18, 2019

by Dave Whiteley - Jul 18, 2019

Welcome back to “In the Loop”, in which we list recent news, updates or opinions for Node.js, OpenAPI Spec, Microgateway, LoopBack and other open source solutions. We list them in no particular order, and any opinions expressed in the linked posts do not necessarily reflect those of the StrongLoop or IBM team.


LoopBack 4 2019 Q2 Overview

by Diana Lau - Jul 17, 2019

For the past few months, we have been focusing on the following stories:

We have a monthly blog reviewing what we’ve done in each milestone. To stay tuned, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @StrongLoop.


LoopBack 4 June 2019 Milestone Update

by Nora Abdelgadir - Jul 9, 2019

As the temperature gets warmer the LoopBack team is spending this summer releasing hot deliverables. In June we focused on various enhancements such as releasing version 2.0.0 of @loopback/build, replacing strong-docs, and improving @loopback/testlab. We also focused on authentication, inclusion of related models, and other improvements. You can see the June milestone for an overview of what we have worked on, and read on for more details.


What's New in LoopBack 4 Authentication 2.0

by Dominique Emond - Jul 3, 2019

We’ve refactored the authentication component to be more extensible and easier to use.

Now you can secure your endpoints with both passport-based and LoopBack native authentication strategies that implement the interface AuthenticationStrategy.

The new design greatly simplifies the effort of application developers and extension developers since they now only need to focus on binding strategies to the application without having to understand/modify the strategy resolver or the action provider.


Building an Online Game With LoopBack 4 - User Authentication and Role-Based Access Control (Part 4)

by Wenbo Sun - Jun 26, 2019

Part 4: User Authentication and Role-Based Access Control

In This Episode

We already have some APIs that allow users to customize their characters. However, a user should not get access to characters that belong to other users. With that in mind, we will add user authentication and role-based access control to this project.

You can check here for this episode’s code.