Part 3: Ionic & LoopBack Frameworks – Building the Ionic App


In the first two articles in this series, you built a REST API using StrongLoop LoopBack and several AngularJS directives that use your API via the LoopBack AngularJS SDK. With these two components, you’ve done most of the work of building a hybrid mobile app using the Ionic framework. The Ionic framework is based on AngularJS, and, thanks to AngularJS’ flexibility, you’ll be able to use the timer  and timeList directives in your mobile app without any changes.

Your Ionic mobile app will live in a separate GitHub repo. Keeping your Ionic mobile app in the same repo as your API server is possible, but cumbersome. Using a separate repo, though, makes it necessary for you to package your directives in a way that makes them easy to install using bower. The first step in this article will be to compile your directive HTML into JavaScript, so you can include your directives and their corresponding HTML with a couple script tags.

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An Introduction to JavaScript ES6 Arrow Functions

Fat arrow functions, also known as just arrow functions are a brand new feature in ECMAScript 2015 (formerly ES6). Rumor has it that the => syntax was adopted over -> due to CoffeeScript influence and the similarity of sharing this context.

Arrow functions serve two main purposes: more concise syntax and sharing lexical this with the parent scope. Let’s examine each in detail.

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The Foundations of Universal (or Isomorphic) JavaScript

In the last tutorial, we wrote a Node program using Babel. This allowed us to use ES6 features now and experiment with new language proposals in a backwards-compatible way. We looked at testing, linting, and running programs in production.

Now let’s turn our attention to programs that share code between the server and client. These are most popularly called isomorphic or universal JavaScript applications. Since Babel compiles down to ES5 JavaScript, it allows us to write modern JavaScript (ES6 and beyond) and have it work the same across the majority of platforms[1] in use today.

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Major Milestone for Enterprise Node.js

Today is a very exciting day in the software industry and in the evolution of the Node.js project. I am delighted to announce that StrongLoop , the leader in enterprise Node solutions to power the API economy, has been acquired by IBM, one of the most respected IT vendors on the planet. As part of IBM, we will be able to dramatically increase the pace of our innovation, global market reach and depth of our customer support. For enterprises who have not yet widely adopted Node, this move should instill in them the confidence that this technology is here to stay and is backed by world class organizations.

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