Announcing IBM API Connect on Docker Hub

Sai Vennam has posted about the official IBM API Connect public Docker repository on the IBM API Connect developerWorks blog.  As he explains, “by installing IBM API Connect Docker images, you can run a complete IBM API Connect on-premises environment on your local machine.”

He continues: “Docker is a powerful software platform that automates the deployment of applications inside containers. A Docker container wraps up an application in a complete file system that contains everything it needs to run: code, runtime, system tools, system libraries, and so on. Taking advantage of this technology, we’ve streamlined the process of installing and running the entire API Connect stack on your local machine.” Read more

The Future of Node Podcast Series: The State of HTTP/2 in Node

IBM and StrongLoop partnered with Changelog to sponsor “The Future of Node” Spotlight series, recorded at Node Interactive 2016 in Austin, Texas.

Changelog is a podcast and digital media company focused on telling developer-centric stories. They’re hacker to the heart. You may know them best from their popular podcast “The Changelog” – a weekly podcast that covers the technology and people of open source. It’s about the code, the people, and the community.

In this episode of The Future of Node series recorded at Node Interactive 2016 Adam talked with James Snell (IBM Technical Lead for Node and member of Node’s TSC and CTC) about the work he’s doing on Node’s implementation of http2, the state of http2 in Node, what this new spec has to offer, and what the Node community can expect from this new protocol.
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