Why Node.js?

Node powers big brands

In the five years since its debut, Node has gone from a language inspired by the desire for websites to support push notifications, to a language that is now powering some of most innovative initiatives at companies of all sizes. How did this happen? A big driver has been the rapid proliferation of mobile apps and the need to connect them to data and services via APIs. And, to do it in a way that is both scalable and easy.

Here’s just a sample of the many companies using Node in production or ramping up projects:

big brands

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Node is fast and scalable

Everyone knows benchmarks are a specific measurement and don’t account for all cases. Sometimes Java is faster. Sometimes Node is. Certainly what and how you measure matters a lot. But there’s one thing we can all agree on: At high levels of concurrency (thousands of connections) your server needs to go to asynchronous non-blocking…you can’t go creating threads for every connection. This is where Node excels.

Node is for APIs, mobile, web and IoT

Node has emerged as the go-to technology for a variety of use cases, including:


The “glue” that connects devices and browsers to data and services




Backends and full-stack JavaScript hybrid apps


HTTP servers and single page apps

  • Learn about Express – a Node web application framework
  • Learn about Koa – a next generation web framework for Node

for web use case copy

iot copy

Internet of Things

IoT is increasing exponentially the number of connected devices

  • Think health monitors, sensors, tags, bots, thermostats, cars and all variety of “smart” devices that need to talk to disparate data and services both in real-time and offline.
  • Learn more about how Node is helping power the Internet of Things
  • Check out Ponte, an M2M bridge framework for REST developers
  • Automotive Grade Linux, Tizen & AllSeen have all included support for Node
  • Node-RED: A visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things by IBM
  • Johnny-Five: Firmata based Adrunio framework with support for Node

Node developers have a bright future

Companies are rapidly hiring Node developers and the job growth proves it.

node.js, ruby, java, scala, objective-c Job Trends graph

Source: indeed.com

Node is a popular Google search

Developers are increasingly looking to learn more about Node.


Source: Google Trends