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Smart Profiling & Tracing

Designed to help you find “hot spots” when your application is slow. If the event loop is stalling, Smart Profiling will trigger an analysis at the moment of the stall. Tracing lets you drill down and get “flame graphs” of important transactions in order to optimize them. Measure backend dependencies with StrongLoop’s tracing for MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, Memcache, Redis, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and more.

Did you know StrongLoop also offers memory profiling and memory leak analysis services? If you’re having issues in your application let us know and one of our Node maintainers can help.

API Gateway

StrongLoop’s upcoming API Gateway provides customizable rate limiting, OAuth, Usage Analytics, and Routing while leveraging LoopBack’s transformation, aggregation and modeling capabilities. It can be used to add security and analytics to a LoopBack application, or as a highly concurrent Gateway for APIs built in other languages or frameworks.

Multi-Server / Multi-App Deployment

We’re working on a product that orchestrates multiple applications or APIs deployed across multiple servers. It works with bare metal, VMs, containers or cloud platforms like AWS. It keeps track of all your applications and servers on one console and lets you drill into any of them. It configures load balancing automatically when applications move and it lets you resize deployments. It will even deploy applications to Docker containers so multiple applications on the same server are isolated from each other. We have customers starting their implementations with this product, taking code drops from us each month as we make progress. Do you want to join us in this project?

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