Training and Workshop Prerequisites

Node v4.x (although v0.12.x should work as well)

Note that although we show v4.1.1 of Node.js installed above, you should get the latest in that branch!

Python 2.7.x

  • Make sure to add python to your PATH.
StrongLoop Tools

  • To install…
  • Note that although we show v5.0.1 installed above, you should always get the latest!
  • If you run into any problems, see installation troubleshooting.

Git (Full install) (to save your work and retrieve example apps)

MongoDB (to create a persistent storage datasource)

  • Start mongo
  • Connect to mongo with mongo shell
Make sure you have a suitable code editor as well!

Windows specific

Mac specific

Linux specific

  • Make sure you have gcc, g++, and make installed, typically you can just install build-essential for these.