Performance Monitoring

Production Monitoring

APM capabilities like Event Loop monitoring, V8 garbage collection, response times, slowest endpoints plus CPU and Memory usage stats available either hosted or on-premise.



Improved User Experience

Visual tools for tuning and optimizing applications across the entire stack for a better user experience.

Reduce Impact

Triage production issues in real-time to reduce the business impact of outages and slowdowns.

Flexible Deployment

Host your StrongLoop performance monitoring deployment either on premises or in the cloud.


StrongLoop’s performance monitoring solutions easily integrate with StatsD and popular APM solutions including Splunk. Contact us to learn more about integrating StrongLoop with your current APM vendor.

Production Monitoring Features


Event Loops

Node applications are event-driven on the server. Event loops are usually extremely fast, however even the smallest amount of latency or degradation in the event loop response time can cause the transaction response times to jump significantly.


Response Times Across Tiers

Monitor the response times of the entire stack including HTTP, caching and database tiers.


GC, CPU and Memory

Efficient memory management and garbage collection are key to high performing applications. StrongLoop’s Arc provides visibility into to total allocated memory heap, the memory currently in use by the application and the frequency of garbage collection. These metrics help identify memory management bottlenecks and possible memory leaks.  Use these metrics on historical timescales (one to 24 hours) to detect patterns like slow or abrupt memory leaks in the system. Such leaks will cause the application to crash and report out of memory conditions.


Concurrency & Load

Concurrency is a key indicator of the incoming queue of requests in progress or yet to be processed by the application. When there are bottlenecks in the application, requests will back up, resulting in higher than normal concurrency on the application.


Backend Metrics

Node applications act as a glue between frontends and multiple backend datasources. Slow backends can bottleneck your application performance. Use StrongLoop Arc to monitor the concurrent calls and response times for backends like Redis, MongoDB, Oracle, Memcached, SQL Server and more.


Custom Instrumentation

Define custom metrics and then “patch” them dynamically into a running Node application to view using the StrongLoop Metrics API.

Compose APIs, Build, Deploy and Monitor Node

Install StrongLoop

$ npm install -g strongloop

Launch StrongLoop Arc

$ cd your-project

$ slc arc

Arc is running here: http://localhost:port

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