Node.js is Enterprise Ready

The enterprise is gravitating towards Node with increasing intensity because of its proven performance characteristics, its ability to retain and leverage the skills of JavaScript developers and the ability to deliver projects faster than other languages can. Typical use cases driving the incredible popularity of Node include:

  • API servers – the “glue” that connects devices and apps to data
  • Mobile – backends and full-stack JavaScript hybrid apps
  • Internet of things (IoT) – the exponential rise of connected devices
  • Web – HTTP servers and single page apps

Check out this infographic that captures some of the data around the enterprise adoption of Node. Specifically:

  • The number of Node professionals is growing fast! Faster than other languages.
  • Node projects are in development or in production at companies that might surprise you
  • Big users and big software companies are members of a Node foundation
  • Big enterprise software vendors are beginning to support the Node usage of their customers

What’s Next?