LoopBack Framework

LoopBack Framework

The StrongLoop API Platform features the popular open source LoopBack framework. LoopBack enables you to quickly compose scalable APIs, runs on top of the Express web framework and conforms to the Swagger 2.0 specification.



Get Productive Fast

LoopBack lets developers focus on business logic and user experience by making it easy to design, test and auto-generate the code for their APIs.


LoopBack is a mature framework that makes it easy to start implementing API design best practices that conform to popular specifications.

Data Integration Made Easy

LoopBack makes it easy to connect to new and legacy data in Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB and MySQL, plus handle complex relationship mapping between them with robust ORM features.


LoopBack is open source and extensible by design. Take advantage of over 100 StrongLoop supported npm modules compatible with LoopBack or integrate your own modules to increase the framework’s feature set.

LoopBack Framework Features


Complete API Solution

  • Use the Arc graphical UI or slc CLI to create dynamic REST APIs
  • Easily connect APIs to Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL and over a dozen more datasources
  • Built-in mobile services like push, offline sync and geopoint


Built on top of Express

  • LoopBack is built on top of Express, the world’s most popular web framework for Node
  • StrongLoop is the official sponsor and maintainer of Express


Auto-Generate APIs from Data Models


Open Source and Extensible

  • Pick and choose the modules you need from the Node ecosystem
  • Visit the LoopBack.io project page
  • Get the code on GitHub


On-Premise or in the Cloud


Fine-Grained API Security


Model Business Data and Behavior

  • Dynamic schema-less models
  • Static schema driven models
  • Invoke server behaviors on the client


Swagger 2.0 Compliant

  • LoopBack is the first Node framework to be Swagger 2.0 compliant
  • Easily generate APIs conforming to the specification

Compose APIs, Build, Deploy and Monitor Node

Install StrongLoop

$ npm install -g strongloop

Launch StrongLoop Arc

$ cd your-project

$ slc arc

Arc is running here: http://localhost:port

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